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On July 29th of this year Microsoft made windows 10 operating system available for free download for windows 7 and windows 8 users. Outside of a few exclusions, windows users were prompted to reserve the free update several weeks in advance of the release. Now instead of two disjointed operating systems like you had in windows 8, windows 10 is well conceived and is everything windows 8 was supposed to be.

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Once installed windows 10 is very similar to windows 7 with the return of the traditional start menu, except now with the live tiles first introduced in windows 8. Another change made to the start menu is how customizable it is now. You can add or remove tiles, rearrange them, or even resize the start menu itself which is convenient. Another great idea that I imagine translates well into windows tablets is the new settings feature. Settings, not a replacement for the control panel, is just a shortcut for those of us already accustomed to making changes through the control panel and a very user friendly option for those who aren’t.

Image Credit: Microsoft Image Credit: Microsoft

The windows store apps are now universal and can run on the desktop instead of just the tile system which makes use of them less frustrating. The overall desktop experience has become a lot more intuitive. These apps you can mix and match with other windows software purchased or downloaded of the web. All these programs can now be used in a brand new feature called virtual desktops which allows users to simulate the use of several monitors for the sake of productivity.

Image Credit: Microsoft  Image Credit: Microsoft

Two other new features are Cortana, the voice activated personal assistant and Microsoft’s answer to Apples Siri, and Microsoft Edge. Edge, once known as project Spartan, is the replacement for internet explorer and a welcome one at that. A vast improvement to internet explorer, Edge features a new rendering engine, a reading mode that helps with screen clutter, and full integration with Cortana. Cortana works better the more you use it, learning and gaining experience over time, how to better serve you.

  Image Credit: Microsoft   Image Credit: Microsoft

In all Windows 10 is a vast improvement to its predecessor. The changes aren’t just cosmetic but conceptual and a win for Microsoft. Far from flawless, it is still much better than windows 8 and worth the download.

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