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What is Sony’s Project Morpheus?


Sony rocked the PlayStation Conference at the held recently E3 2015 by confirming the release of Project Morpheus in the year 2016. A shot across the bow of the current Virtual Reality “top dog” the Oculus Rift, the definite winners are gamers who don’t have long to wait on full game immersion through VR. It is evident that this Sony is putting serious resources and focus on the virtual reality device, thus indicating that the future of gaming will take you to the new dimensions of the game play experience. Although most of the developers are designing virtual games on other expected virtual platforms, such as Android & Microsoft’s Xbox One (Project Neo), no other tech giant seem as focused as Sony Studio developers, which is quite apparent in many of the recently held demos shown at the many conferences and press releases.

IMAGE CREDIT: Sony Corporation IMAGE CREDIT: Sony Corporation

What we know about the Project Morpheus:

* Full HD OLED Display- The first generation Morpheus Virtual Reality headset supports a phenomenal Full HD: 1920 * 1080 resolution, 5.7 inch curved OLED display. Not only that, the screen is divided into three parts: one in the front and two on the sides, let you dive into a unique 360-degree visual experience.

* Astonishing 120 HZ Refreshing Rate- with an amazing motion frequency at the rate of 120Hz, you can imagine how realistic experience you are going to be immersed in. Developers confirmed that during multiple testing programs this year, they have been able to fix all the minor lag issues.

* Amazingly Low Latency- Sony has confirmed that Morpheus headset is never going to compromise with the comfort level of the players. “Last year we got multiple reports over discomforting issues like nausea, headaches, etc., through the tech experts. Fortunately, this barrier has been fixed by optimizing the latency rate at 18ms, which was 36ms before”, stated Sony Official at the E3 conference.

* 360 Degree Motion Tracking: Project Morpheus highly advanced 360 tracking will take you deep inside the virtual reality of the game.

* Comfortable Design- While looking at the headset, you might think that it could be a little uncomfortable on your head due to the bulky weight, however, in the reality; it is incredibly lightweight with a rightly configured design to release all the discomforting pressure.

IMAGE CREDIT: Sony Corporation IMAGE CREDIT: Sony Corporation

Project Morpheus is going to be one of many entry tickets into the next generation of amazing technology. How many other incredible doors will it open up for us to explore in the future? VR has practical applications outside of gaming so who knows.



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