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Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference RECAP


Throngs of developers and representatives of both upstart and established teams converged onto the Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference this past Tuesday, immersing themselves in the showcase of new technologies, features and apps readying for a release into the public domain. Yahoo’s SVP of Publishing Products, Simon Khalaf, kicked off the conference by elaborating on the rapid changes that have been driving the mobile developer community to adopt new methods of sharing content with their user bases, as well as giving prime examples. Citing that the average American spends nearly four hours a day on their phone, mobile browsers are succumbing to the increasing ingenuity of new apps and mobile gaming taking an unexpected back seat to messaging and entertainment apps, he made sure it was a no-brainer to see how the mobile climate was changing in the United States.

David Karp (Tumblr) and Wilson Kriegel (Picsart) - PHOTO: Calixtech News David Karp (Tumblr) and Wilson Kriegel (Picsart) – PHOTO: Calixtech News

The primary points of interest include:

Tumblr In-App Sharing: App developers will now enable users to share and link their content and upload directly to Tumblr and PicsArt, eliminating the process of having to close and open multiple apps in order to evenly distribute their content from various sources. Users who view said content and do not own the necessary app will be prompted by an offer to download it seamlessly without losing their current location while browsing. Developers will also be presented with vital statistics to gauge their social media presence and overall traffic within the app, keeping track of click counts, likes and the reblogging rate. The feature promises to influence creativity, discovery and the growth of the communities developers wish to share their content with.

Tumblr In App Sharing Announced - PHOTO: Calixtech News Tumblr In App Sharing Announced – PHOTO: Calixtech News

Native Video Ads for Publishers: Advertising solutions that will increase the rate of monetization will be made available from Yahoo. The feature combines the native ad format with video, the top two methods of spreading content to other users, with the objective of maximizing profits from the generated and shared content.

Flurry Presentation - PHOTO: Calixtech News Flurry Presentation – PHOTO: Calixtech News

Real-Time Metrics: Developers will be treated to an instant outlook and analysis of all traffic and activity within their apps, refreshing every 15 seconds to provide an accurate and up-to-date readout of all real-time app activity, enabling developers to properly track the volume of attention their creation is receiving at any given time. The app is not restricted to certain developers based on the amount of traffic they generate initially, and can assist any developer regardless of their user count. Regardless of user base sizes and volumes, anyone will be able to benefit from this feature.

Yahoo MDC - PHOTO: Calixtech News Yahoo MDC – PHOTO: Calixtech News

Preceding the conference was Yahoo’s first Mobile Hackathon, allowing over 200 hackers to try their luck against cracking and breaking open Yahoo App Publishing, Tumblr API and Yahoo Search In-Apps. Tied for first place were Wevew and Wiki Where. Wevew is a photo-sharing app that allows users to synchronize photos with people that are physically near them, the hack making use of Tumblr API. Wiki Where, essentially the “Google of Wikipedia”, aims to make Wikipedia more accessible to users who often gloss over or completely miss the vital information they are seeking, given Wikipedia immense size and volume of content. The apps were developed by Elizabeth Mezias and Morrison Chang.




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