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Beware RansomWare


Software is improving and being innovated at the exponential rate. However the down side is, all these innovations are also coming up at the cost of the more strengthened form of virus and malware attacks, which most often, are very challenging to fight with. CryptoLocker, also known by the term “RansomWare” is one of the latest forms of the virus in the range of modern security threats. Crypto Virus invades your system by locking all your important data files and makes them inaccessible to them and further, a hacker asks for a heavy amount of ransoms to unlock them. If a user refuses to give in to the hacker demands, the result could be the deletion of all your files. Cryptolocker diagnostically, is not the latest kinds of virus, but the recent overhaul in the latest kinds are becoming some tough job to deal with. Therefore, it is very essential to keep a good knowledge of such sorts of harmful malware attacks and protect yourself as they say that prevention is better than cure.

So let’s understand what all are the different routes through which CryptoLocker may install to your Computer. This way you can easily take preventive measures to dodge those attacks.

  • Hackers primarily use social engineering strategies to your target system through the CryptoVirus. He may send you a simple link through the message or might trick you to open an email attachment by pretending to be from the customer support of some authentic companies that you may be taking the services from.
  • CryptoVirus may also attack your system through some malicious sites, which are designed to exploit and bypass your computer’s weak security system to automatically install the infection.
  • CryptoVirus can also be installed in the form of Trojans essentially when you download the videos through illegal, fake or the malicious sites.

Unfortunately, if a user falls under the trap and click on the link, this harmful virus instantly gets installed into the system’s setting folder and, gradually start scanning through all the data files, most prominently the “Microsoft Word Docs” or “PDF” files. Furthermore, It puts a distorted encryption to the system, which requires both the public and private key to unlock. The private key is hosted on the unidentified servers of the hacker and public key is stored in the virus in the system, so that that hacker can easily encrypt the database and compromise the whole system.


How to prevent your system through the CryptoVirus

  • Being Cautious is the foremost key. Never even think of clicking on the link or attachment from the senders you personally not aware of.
  • You should always keep the backup of all the databases. This way you can easily lessen the distress caused to you by the hacker and give you the grip over the situation.
  • It is also suggested that you should disable the hidden file extensions, so that you can quickly be aware of such situation and get in the action.


There are multiple antivirus software programs available in the market that can detect the Virus, but unfortunately these all are inefficient in the decryption, once the virus is installed. The reason behind it is the asymmetric encryption encoded by the hacker. Honestly the best way to get rid of the CryptoLocker Virus is to avoid it in the first place.

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