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New York Comic Con Recap & Gallery

CalixTech News was in the thick of NYCC 2015, traversing each and every nook to immerse ourselves in this mecca of pop culture, extravagant cosplay, entertainment galore and general nerding out. CTN spent the majority of the time fending off the crowds and throngs of costumes con goers and their camera-clad voyeurs, meeting with the various vendors, panels and bumping shoulders with whoever had something to show, something to sell, or just wanted a piece of possible Twitter/Instagram fame via someone posting their picture online, something we gladly did. Check out our photos below, but for now, have a peek at some interesting exhibits we came across.


Image: CalixTech News

As far as presentation and content goes, Square Enix absolutely stole the show. Determined to make an impact, SE had on demo several of their upcoming titles and brand new releases, narrow causeways thronged with excited gamers to seek their upcoming binge title. I don’t use that term loosely as one particular title was attracting more interest than many of the other setups on the adjacent sides. Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below is the latest spin-off titles from the DQ series. Leaving it’s traditional RPG roots and option for a Musou-styled game, DQ:TWTWBB delivers a frantic hack n’ slash environment. Hugely popular in Japan, many here are awaiting this next title as a means to hold them over until Dragon Quest XI is released in 2016.


Image: CalixTech News

As expected, the cosplayers were out in full force, and made the cosplay culture at the con the biggest show of the event in itself. From children, teenagers, adults and beyond, everyone was able to don the regalia of their favorite characters. As an incentive to attract the most extravagant of the bunch, NYCC was hosting the Eastern Championships of Cosplay, which was awarding a cool $5,000 in cash prizes to several winners, with the crowned champion being instantly entered into the 2016 C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay in Chicago. Despite the smattering of panels, celebrities, unveilings and entertainment, It’s a given that the cosplayers make the ComicCon experience itself the spectacle that it has become over the past few years.


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