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Pogo Plug BackUp Review

Given how cloud computing and virtual storage have now become the norm for both business and home computer users, it comes as no surprise there are now many competitors wrestling for the clouds-storage hilltop. Though one could say it is hard to offer a wildly different solution to those already making use of cloud storage, it is difficult to count out Pogo-plug as the ideal solution for your average or even advanced PC user at home. Not only for it’s features, but also for its incredible value.

  • Unlimited storage space, even with Pogo-plugs most basic storage plan
  • Very easy-to-use interface and application for file backup, restore, access and sharing
  • Upload and download speeds are not bottle-necked by the host, and are rather fast
  • Users are not limited by the amount of devices that can access the cloud


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At first glance, PogoPlugs general software interface is clearly a no-frills experience. You are given access to the basic core functions of backing up and restoring your data. The software itself will backup your Documents folder by default, but you can also set it to upload specific directories and entire drives if need be. If any changes are made to your folders or files have been added, Pogoplug will automatically run a fresh backup so your cloud storage reflects the changes. A possible gripe is that Pogoplug will sometimes ignore uncommon file types, which may not be noticed once a backup has been completed. The best remedy for this is to manually select the files or directory, but it would have been ideal for the application to not ignore files completely, as this can be easily overlooked when backing up several hundred/thousand files at once.


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Pogoplugs web interface is the primary way to access and backup your data. Though the desktop application is quite useful, it is solely developed for backups and restoration of data. The web interface offers much more flexibility. You can upload individual files via selection or drag-and-drop, create individual links to files to share with others, and intuitively play back your media from the web interface. The setup is quite easy to use and there is no degradation in quality, and serves as the ideal way to access all of your media regardless of location or device. Al of your photos, music and videos will be accessible.


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One thing Pogoplug proudly touts is their best feature: unlimited storage for everyone. The CEO of Pogoplug’s parent company, Danel Putterman, has even reported a user that has nearly 60TB of data uploaded while using the basic plan. Even with their most basic plan $4.95, any user has access to a bottomless bank to store their data in and access from anywhere, including iOS and Android devices. Combine this with a micro-HDMI cable and a television, and you have quite the effective portable media device at your fingertips, provided your WiFi or wireless signal is capable.

Two primary issues users have found is that Pogoplug will not run a fresh backup when data from folders is removed on your local PC, leaving you to do so manually within the clouds web interface. While this is only mildly annoying, it can be cumbersome to those who are undertaking a mass-deletion of data with specific files. Also, file versioning is not available, which greatly aids with virus protection, a feature often found in competing file clouds.

In all Pogo Plugs overall cloud service is a must have for anyone on the go and you can’t beat the price. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for cloud storage.


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