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Windows 10 With Xbox One: The Big Three

Just as Microsoft has shown since entry into the gaming market back in the 2000s, they take big steps when it comes to keeping competitive with the other players in the gaming market. A massive update has rolled for both the consoles and Windows 10 PC, offering a shared experience that not only surpasses the efforts of Games For Windows – Live, it nearly perfects it. Lets take a look at the three core features.



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The flagship feature of the Windows 10 update for the Xbox One. Just as the Xbox 360 tried to completely “revolve” around your home media system (hence the “360” branding), The Xbox One has perfected it. Instead of just linking up your console to Windows Media Center-enabled PCs, the Xbox One can now stream games and other content seamlessly to any Windows 10 device. Within the range of your wireless router and paired with an Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller, users will be able to enjoy their favorite games from any room, nook or corner.

The Xbox App


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The Xbox App for Windows 10 could be seen as a phoenix rising from the ashes of the often criticized and now defunct Games For Windows – Live. Though the service tried in earnest to bring the console gaming experience to the PC, but it was hampered by technical issues, restrictive DRM and general disapproval from the PC gaming community. Microsoft has remedied this by creating an experience that is unique to the PC yet still retains the same amount of seamless access to the Xbox One and it’s wide array of features. Much to many users delight, the app has been found to be cooperating with Steam games as well.

The new dashboard has been simplified with a functional, minimalist design. Upon startup, will be able to connect to their consoles, access their friends lists, game information and messages. Though the similarities to Valve’s Steam platform are blatant, you can’t help but blame Microsoft for emulating a design that has been proven to work, it feels like the polar opposite of what GFWL eventually became.



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The most anticipated feature is the Xbox DVR, one that has been exclusive to PlayStation 4 owners since both consoles hit the market. Players will no now need to shell out extra cash for DVR equipment and a PC that can meet the requirements, now being able to record, edit and upload right from the console through its proprietary Upload Studio. Users will be able to edit the video on the fly, allowing for pictures to be inserted, and even use up to five clips to create a montage. Players can also cut out unwanted footage with clipping and book-ending tools.


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