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5 Essential Apps for Traveling and Exploring

Looking to plan your next trip? Living in the age of technology, we should take more advantage of the tools and resources we have at hand. Whenever I travel, I always love to explore a bit and find new places to create memories. With these 5 essential apps, you’re only a tap away from your next adventure.

waze1. WAZE

An amazing app for travel, whether it’s everyday use or traveling long distance, Waze is the way to go! Updated by drivers and passengers daily, this app informs you of what lies on the road ahead – literally. Motorists are able to notate almost everything you can think of to alert the drivers behind them using the app. Police presence (visible and hidden), traffic, potholes, road kill, accidents and more, all the while driving to your destination. As many other apps we use on a daily basis, Waze offers a connection with Facebook as a means for your login information. You also have the option to use an email address to create an account.



airbnb2. AIRBnB

If you love to travel, get tired of staying in the same type of hotels, and want to try something different, Airbnb is your ticket to finding a great comfy place to stay in the city of your choice! Founded in 2008, Airbnb has become a staple for travelers visiting big cities across the globe. Offering a grand variety of accommodations, Airbnb has a little bit of home for everyone at competitive prices. From beautiful castles in Europe, to Brownstones in NYC, or Townhomes in San Francisco, you will be able to find something you love and enjoy the city you went to explore.




alltrails3. All TRAILS

For the adventurers and explorers out there, the All Trails app is a must have! With over 50,000 trails to explore, All Trails is the next best thing to a paper map and compass! Partnered with National Geographic, this app has a little bit to offer for everyone, from avid hiker to novice. For each trail, the app lists out directions, length, height, shape, great stops along the trail, whether it’s kid friendly, what type of animals are allowed, and so much more. You are also able to track your hikes through the app and share with others in the AllTrails community. This is truly an amazing app to use!


gasbuddy4. GasBuddy


I know when I’m traveling long distance, I always to know where the closest gas station is and how competitive prices are. GasBuddy is a great little tool for finding gas on the move. Searching in a 2 mile radius, this app keeps you up to date on where gas is the cheapest and who offers it. Something quick and easy to use on the go when you need gas in a hurry!




transit5. Transit

Transit has to be one of my ultimate favorite apps for public transportation traveling on the market right now! This is an awesome app to use to get around big cities! Everything you need is right at your fingertips. Updating every 10 – 15 seconds, you are able to get to the minute arrival and departure times of the subway and buses. The app even gives you detailed navigation to where to catch the next train or bus, how long it will take to get there, and how long your overall trip is projected to be. Great for all city travelers, Transit will make even the most inexperienced traveler seem like a pro!

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