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A Look At The Kobo Glow HD

If you have not been swept up in the frenzy of generally any mobile device being able to double as an e-Reader, chances are you are not entirely aware of how much the market has changed since several manufacturers were trying to buy into the e-Reader fad of the early 2010’s. Since the exit of Sony and Barnes & Noble from the e-Reader market, it has been nearly dominated by Amazon’s line of Kindle e-Readers, tablets and it’s application that works on generally any Android/Apple based device thus strengthening their hold on the industry. Kobo, the smaller Canadian company owned by a larger Japanese retailer, has re-entered into the market with some fierce competition, nearly matching Amazon’s top offerings at a much lower price. Enter the Glo HD.

Image: Kobo

Image: Kobo

The Glo HD comes ready to ready to compete for the top spot of e-Reader listings by coming with the following:

  • 4GB Internal Memory
  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi
  • 6-inch, 330 ppi, 1448×1072 screen
  • Front light
  • Weighs just 6.3oz
  • water proof
  • sand proof

In addition to accessing the Kobo Store, users will also have access to their “concierge” service, Kobo Welcome. Available 7 days a week from 9AM to 9PM, users will be able to receive on-demand assistance with their e-Readers, ranging from technical assistance, book recommendation or just to get started. Even still, with an intuitive and very user-friendly interface, this is definitely one of the most simplistic yet effective e-Readers on the market, literally bridging the gap between opening a paper copy of your favorite novel against reading it on the Glo HD.

Image: PCmag

Image: PCmag

Entering the market at $129.99 (beating Amazon’s equivalent Voyage by $70), the Glo HD aims to provide a fully loaded e-Reader as far as features and function, yet beating the competition by a significant price margin. Though many prospective adopters may have issues with the lack of access to Amazon’s nearly bottomless library of eBooks on the Amazon Marketplace, the Glo HD has access to the Kobo Store which has more than 4 million titles, including many newspapers and magazines. Though it is hard to gauge the size of the Kobo Store against Amazon’s Marketplace (which does not publish exact figures as to how large the library is), users typically will not have issues finding books on the Kobo Store, sans the Amazon exclusive titles.

The only issue we have found with the Glo HD is it’s difficulty handling PDF files, which is a feature many users wish to utilize on e-Readers without having to make use of a full-fledged tablet instead. This problem is not unique to the Glo HD, but is shared commonly through other e-Readers that utilize E Ink. Aside from this Kobo has a great library of books, will accept & read books in most formats and from most market places. The Glo HD is a solid e-Reader, perfect for beach or poolside reading & well worth the purchase, especially at the competitive price.

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