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Cold as Steel: The Steelseries Siberia 200 Headset

It is not very often that a headset is released to such fanfare and with a bit of infamy behind it. The headset is the new revision of the Siberia V2 headset, a rather popular model from Steelseries that has garnered critical acclaim. When the line was discontinued, consumer outcry pushed the manufacturer to release the Siberia 200 ($79.99) which improves upon the previous model ten fold. As Steelseries’ CEO Ehtisham Rabbani stated, bringing this headset back to market celebrates a headset with a proven track record of success and delivers exactly what gamers really want.”

  • 1.8m Cable
  • Dual 3.5mm, 3 pole plugs
  • Single 3.5mm, 4-pole plug adapter
  • 50mm Neodymium speaker drivers
  • 10-28000 Headphone Frequency Response
  • 112 dB Headphone Sensitivity
  • 50-16000 Microphone Response
  • Unidirectional Pickup
  • -38 dB Mic Sensitivity
  • 7 different color options
Image: © SteelSeries

Image: © SteelSeries

Out of the box and at first glance, it is clear that Steelseries made comfort a primary focus with this redesign. The headset features a much improved suspension headband that will evenly contour with your head, evenly distributing the weight throughout the entire band as opposed to just one point. Not only does this cut down on having to fiddle with the headset and constantly readjust it, it is also a blessing for those who often find the hair or any head-wear getting in the way of their headsets fitting properly. The ear cups are made of soft protein-leather which allow ample space for any shape of the ear and will allow them to breathe well, cutting down on soreness and discomfort from sweating during high-energy gaming sessions. I have used headsets before that leave my ears feeling quite sore even after just an hour of use, and it was refreshing to to use a headset for several hours without the distraction of pain and needing constant breaks. The headset is well constructed and has a bit of weight to it, owing to it’s design. While I did not find this discomforting (if anything, the added weight made it feel more secure on my head), it is worth noting.

Image: © SteelSeries

Image: © SteelSeries

The speakers themselves are quite large and very loud, delivering solid stereo sound. Lows and mids were ideal, there was an even balance with both bass and treble and I encountered no problems with uneven sound even at extreme volumes. The retractable microphone was an added bonus as it was rather convenient for when I wanted to use the headset as headphones solely. The headset and microphone performed beautifully during some livestreaming, as my viewers were able to hear me clearly with non interference from the sound coming from the TV adjacent to my PC. The microphone was picked up my voice clearly without me having to re-adjust any settings in either Xsplit Broadcaster or Ventrilo.

Image: CalixTech News/ ©SteelSeries

With an successful return to form at a economic sub-$100 price, the Siberia 200 delivers beyond expectations. Steelseries has brought us a mid-range headset with high-end construction, putting a dent in the trend that only expensive, pricey headsets can be considered immune to wear and tear. The headset self is of prime construction with quality sound and recording ability to back it up. If you are looking for a solid headset, but do not wish to spend upwards of $200, the Siberia 200 should definitely be on your radar.



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