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Purism Librem 13 & 15 Laptops

We’ve all become familiar with the saying “Freedom isn’t Free” and when you think about it, that too encompasses privacy. How often do we take measures on our own computers and devices to keep our information private? Think about it. Do you try to limit what you search? Cover up the front facing camera? Install software to detect hackers? This will all change with the advent of an amazing new notebook soon to hit the market: The Librem Notebook by Purism.

Software Features Shipping
PureOS Operating System

LibreOffice suite: compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel Powerpoint, Access, Visio and Outlook, also Apple files. (Your protected and your data never goes to the parent company)


Tor Browser

EFF Privacy Badger

HTTPS Everywhere

Hardware kill switches

Purism Key

Easily Upgradeable

No visible logo

Slim, solid aluminum casing

Multi-touch trackpad

Glare proof, matte 13” display screen

5ht gen, 2.2 gz Intel Processor

4 GB memory, expandable to 16 GB

Librem 13 started shipping in October for those who pre-ordered through Crowd Supply. Pre-ordering is still available and those computers will begin shipping in December.

Starting price: $1699

Librem 15 starts shipping for pre-orders in November. Starting price: $1899

Built with consumer privacy in mind, Purism’s computers are designed based off of Linux and kernel processing. Making for a more secure computing experience by eliminating many of the vulnerabilities and loop holes that exists in other hardware, operating systems and applications, the Librem notebooks are the only on the market that will offer complete freedom. The BIOS, kernel, OS and software are all freed making the Librem notebook the first computer in history to have been designed from the ground up, chip-by-chip, to protect the security of its users. “A beautiful operating system designed with your privacy, security and freedom in mind, all while retaining simplicity” is the picture the Purism website paints about PureOS, the user interface.


With a familiar design and comparable specifications, the Librem Notebook offers a familiar face with a twist. Brought to the market in September 2015, this computer is one to consider. Offered in 13in and 15in models, the Librem starts at $1649, with multiple customization options available. Funded by Crowd Supply, Purism has surpassed it’s $250,000 funding goal and announced last month at GetGeeked, an early adopter and press event in NYC, that some orders would start shipment in October and November.


“Purism was created to combine the philosophies of the free/librem and open source software movement with the hardware manufacturing process.” – Summary, Purism Website. Image: Purism

Threats such as spying and stalking to data-mining and ransomware, plus much more can be prevented using a Librem notebook. There is even an option to have the machine configured where a “kill switch” is installed allowing you to disable the computer’s Wi-Fi, webcam and microphone to prevent online peeping toms. An all-around different machine, the Librem notebook is a computer everyone should consider owning.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar

    John Mayor

    November 28, 2015 at 1:26 am

    Hi Mel!… if, I may!… my understanding is that Intel has NOT released the BIOS for the Purism Librem 15 (the ONLY size that I’d purchase!… although, I’d prefer an even larger version!… and HIGH END, in either size!)… and, there’s no word on which North American retail distribution outlets will begin dealing with the PL product line (despite mention of “ongoing talks” cited elsewhere)!… and, to avoid the prob of having to ship a purchase back to the “moon base” to tighten a screw!

    This advent… Mel… Melissa… Melissa Pettiford… MelPFord… MPF… dear fellow human!… is a God send! And my cash is burning a hole in my pocket! But!… the BIOS must be FREED!… and, there must be some form of retail arrangement in large urban centers, to accommodate efficient and effective addressing of Purism Librem purchases (and… frankly!… it’s my guess!… that supporters of FOSS and FOSH could care less whether Starbucks took up the retailing challenge!… as long as these can get this miracle in their hands!)!

    So… Melissa!… and to sum up… What’s the “word up” on Intel’s release of the BIOS!… and where is Todd Weaver, on the needed retail network, for the “servicing” of this desparately wanted, and anticipated, creation!

    Please!… no emails!… or email publication! YOUUUUUU!… have a good one! And drive safely!

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