8 Holiday Gifts For The Techie In Your Life

So, a special someone to you is quite the techie, but like most who don’t share in the same sentiment, it can be exceedingly difficult to purchase a gift for them. In a consumer world where there is too much selection, It’s always a likely problem that you will give them something they do not need, want or most likely already own. If you wish to save yourself some awkward times around the tree when the wrapping paper is ripped off, check out our guide for this years holiday season as we go over 8 unique and special gifts for your geek. Most of the items on our list have a bit of novelty charm to them, but are quite useful in the long run and are typically not found in stores, so the chance of your Geeky Secret Santa not having one of these is quite high!

Kangaroo Mobile Desktop ($99)


Image: Kangaroo


Proof that a computer doesn’t need power to be useful, the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop is an innovative solution that fits within the palm of your hand. Armed with an Intel Atom X5 1.44GHz, 2 GB DDR3, a 32GB SSD, HD Graphics and Windows 10, this small wonder is perfect for media streaming or performing simple tasks such as word processing. The OS is proprietary so you cannot make too many changes, but for the low price that is expected.



Amazon Echo ($180)

Image: Amazon

Image: Amazon

If you want someone special to feel like you are officially in the science-fiction version, this is the device for them. The Echo is a Bluetooth speaker primarily, but it’s secondary function is the real attention grabber. You can talk to it! If you ask a question verbally to the Echo, it will search the entire internet for an answer and relay it back to you audibly. For a trip into what the future could be as far as seeking out information, pick it up.


USB Rocket Launcher ($30)



Though it is a bit on the low-end of tech, this is still a perennial favorite among desk-bound nerds, geeks and techies everywhere. As a playful joke or genuine cubicle-defense, the USB rocket launcher is quite robust for its small size. It connects via USB, and with the included software you can rotate it 360 degrees around and 45 degrees vertically. The rockets have a range of over six meters.


iFixit Game Console & Electronics Refurbishing Kit ($99)

Image: iFixit

Image: iFixit


Despite this kit giving you every possible tool you’ll need to void your consoles warranty, something like that is not going to stop a techie from opening it up and fixing it themselves. In favor of using whatever tools are available in the house (which are most likely not suited for silicone surgery), get them this incredible set. The set comes with a full set of tinkering and cleaning tools for all current generation consoles and handhelds, even systems dating back to the PSX and Dreamcast. Includes custom carrying case.




Samsung Gear VR ($308)

Image: Samsung

Image: Samsung



If your giftee is really into phones and most likely has something recent such as the Galaxy S6 and the Note 5, this is the perfect gift for them. Exploring new technology based around the Oculus Rift, the Gear VR allows users to slide their phone into the headset and view media while being placed in a pseudo-virtual world. It comes with access to Netflix and utilizes other VOD options, which gives you a true to life theater experience.



Wagan Tech Solar E Panels ($99)

Image: Wagan

Image: Wagan


Though you can take a techie away from his desk, good chance they’ll bring some of his more portable solutions with them. Given that rechargeable batteries are pretty much ubiquitous technology and outlets in the wilderness are not a thing, one has to turn to the sun for power and Wagan tech lets them harness it! Coming in 5.6 and 11 watt sizes, they will be able to recharge any device with the power of the sun. Comes with a pouch for cables and extras.



Lexar JumpDrive M10 32GB ($35)

Image: Lexar


More than just a simple thumb drive, the M10 is all about securing what you have on it. It utilized a password-protected vault with 256-bit AES encryption, built-in deletion protection so a file can be found using file-recovery attacks. It also features an e-ink display for a storage counter. The drive is also available in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities. While it is not an impenetrable vault meant for government secrets, this is the ideal way to keep your private data secure.




Amazon Fire Tablet ($50)

Image: Amazon Fire


Though vastly outclassed by several other models on the market, you cannot argue with the performance one can get out of this tablet for just $50. Compact, powerful and robust, the Fire is perfect for browsing the web, watching streaming media and playing games. Prop it upright and attach a Bluetooth controller and you also have yourself a great portable gaming system. While it may not be able to handle heavy tasks such as video editing, but for leisure you can’t go wrong.


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