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Easy On The Ears, Serious On Performance: The HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

When it comes to finding the “perfect” headset, It’s quite rare you run into a pair that not only fits the bill for yourself, but can also do so for many others regardless of personal preference. Due to the varying sizes and shapes of players heads and ears, It’s usually quite a venture to produce a headset that can cater to any gamers needs regardless of their personal preferences leaving gamers to sacrifice features for comfort. Seeing that their expertise can be applied to more than just memory DIMMs, HyperX has released the Cloud headset, which packs incredible build and sound quality into a very affordable price, and will fit comfortably on just about any size and shape of head that it rests upon.

  • Closed cup design for noise cancellation
  • Pure HiFi capable
  • Detachable, very flexible mic
  • Solid aluminum build
  • Braided cable
Image: Hyper X

Image: Hyper X

Out of the box, the headset is compatible with any device that hosts a basic headphone jack (PCs, tablets, phones, airplane adapters), but can also work with PS4 controllers as well. This is an incredible function as it eliminates the need to purchase a separate headset for your PS4 should you not use a Bluetooth headset with the system.

As far as the sound quality, I had no problems with hearing gameplay, voice chat and media, typically all three at once at varying volumes. Since I live in a part of the house with a lot of background noise, the noise canceling effect of the cup design was effective in drowning out any sound which lent to the immersion factor of most games I played while using the headset. Despite the size and girthy mold of the headset cups and band, the set is surprisingly lightweight and I was able to comfortably enjoy prolonged sessions without feeling the need to readjust. Though my ears were still subject to the discomfort of humidity, the airflow of the cups was sufficient enough to abate this, becoming just a minor annoyance which can be expected with headsets that cover your ear securely. The set comes with two ear cushions for both cups, leatherette and velour, whichever is more comfortable for you. The default leatherette -padded ones are very comfortable and I have not found a need to use the velour ones, but the option is there for those who want the feeling of soft fabric against their ear for comfort.

Image: Hyper X

Image: Hyper X

The detachable microphone is quite flexible and not difficult to work with at all, as it can be re-positioned easily, and constant movement of the head or headset itself will typically not wriggle out of shape. I put this through the test while enjoying some intense gameplay in Retrovirus, a 6dof game that often has you teetering in your seat and looking around feverishly if you play on a large enough display. I tested the quality and volume levels on the by recording some local video in XSplit Gamecaster, and I required little volume tweaking. My voice was being recorded clearly, equivalent to a properly placed Blue Snowball desktop microphone, except with less background noise to interfere.

All in all, the Cloud headset is quite possibly the best value when it comes to purchasing a heavy duty, durable yet comfortable headset for casual use and marathon sessions. The sound quality is well enough that it warrants use outside of your desk (hence the detachable microphone and stylish design) the set is lightweight and comfortable and the microphone does it’s job well. At $79.99, you can’t possibly go wrong.

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