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We have arrived to the era of using the term “smart” for almost everything technology. As technology is evolving, so is the way we are using it especially how connected we are to everything and everyone! Staying connected has become as easy as opening your pocket and awakening the screen of your cell phone. It has become important to many of us to have safety systems in place to help keep our homes safe, especially while we are away. Smart-homes are a great example of this! With the blend of wireless networks and technology within a home, you can now monitor movement, , temperature, air quality & even light bulbs in your home; That takes us to the Leeo Smart Alert device.

What is the Leeo Smart Alert?

The Smart Alert by Leeo is multiple things wrapped up into one small little package! Primarily a customisable nightlight, its secondary function is its biggest selling point. The Leeo smart alert  device detects  Smoke/Carbon Monoxide alarms in your home and notifies you via your smart phone. The Device simply does its job just by being plugged into the wall then being set up through a very user friendly app. Providing an extra level of protection for you home, the 120VAC 3-prong wall plug, even detects uneven distributions of temperature and heat within your home, alerting you when your home isn’t the way you like it. Built by a great team of innovative professionals, the Leeo Smart Alert was invented to make life just a tad simpler (and safer) – giving you one less thing to have to worry about. This device is easy to use and the setup process takes only a few minutes.

Image: Leeo

Image: Leeo

How Does it Work?

With the simple installation of unboxing and plugging into the wall, the Smart Alert is a hassle-free . Traditional smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors run on AA or AAA batteries that need to be changed out every once in a while, alerting you by annoyingly beeping. The Leeo Smart Alert however is a battery-less, tool-less plug-in device that connects through devices you use every day, your internet and smartphone! In case of a fire or CO incident, the Smart Alert records a clip of the respective alarm and calls either you or one of your emergency contacts stored within the app. Suitable for both iOS and Android devices, the Smart Alert also gives you the option for what type of notifications you want it to initiate in the event of an emergency. As stated from the Leeo website, “you can decide to dial 911, call your friends, or just scream, ‘my house is on fire!”


Image: Leeo

In its current model, you are not able to adjust the temperature at all from the unit itself; however, this could be a feature that may be added in for future models. On top of all the other awesome features, the Smart Alert again is primarily a nightlight, so place it in a bedroom or hallway for a light for which you can illuminate any color you want.

Why the Leeo Smart Alert?

Coming in at only a $99 price point, the Leeo Smart Alert enables you to in a way network the alarms in your home. The multi-purpose device integrates seamlessly into your home security system. With its ease of use and being able to contact police or friends in the event of an emergency, the Smart Alert reassures you that you can sleep a little safer or give you peace of mind while you are away. The Smart Alert is a smart buy for those just in case moments or just need a bit of light.

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