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Qubes OS

Image: Qubes

Your operating system is the most important software running on your computer. You most likely don’t give much thought to it but it is part of the foundation on which you build your system. Most importantly, it manages the computer’s memory, processes, and all of its software and hardware. It also allows you to communicate with your computer without knowing its own internal language in form of binary digits. Without an OS, a computer is pretty close to useless. Some of the most common operating systems are Microsoft’s Windows (currently Windows 10), Apple’s OS X (currently Mavericks), and Linux (Linux, Ubuntu, Chrome OS, Peppermint OS, ect).

Image: Qubes

Image: Qubes

All operating systems, although different, have vulnerabilitys to bugs and viruses. Since security isn’t usually the primary focus operating systems. However, Qubes Operating System is a security based operating system that works on a different and unique perspective – relying on a micro kernel and pervasive virtualization – protects from bugs and malware by isolating different environments of the operating system. Malware doesn’t get a chance to infect the many files of the operating system  because everything has been compartmentalized. Unlike Microsoft Windows, Qubes Operating System is not designed to be a multi-user operating system (although you can). The current version of Beta sequel of Qubes Operating System from 2015 provided high flexibility and immunity towards the bugs that we very problematic in the previous versions.

Image: Qubes

Image: Purism

In a nutshell, Qubes Operating System is not efficient for all sorts of users because it isn’t a terribly user friendly that requires environments to be created and then those environments to be separated/isolated from each other and then a user can work peacefully. Such a system is primarily useful for a IT professionals, hacker, a computer security researcher or coding. That being said anyone who is concerned about security should give it a chance. A few manufacturers are actually shipping machines out with Qubes pre-installed; For example the company Purism (amazing machines…laptops worth a look) ship their Librem 13 and Librem 15 laptops with Qubes. In this age of privacy conscious consumers should take the time to try it out. With an incredible flexibility and limited hardware restrictions, Qubes OS will provide you, in my opinion, the best security available now.  

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