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What You May Have Missed: Rise Of The Triad

In 2013, Rise of the Triad was re-released on Steam by a revitalized Apogee Software, the original kings of shareware in the early 90s. Developed by Interceptor Interactive, ROTT brings an FPS experience that’s unlike the accepted norm of today’s shooters. The game is insanely fast paced, throws an incredible amount of enemies at you and rewards you for going crazy with explosive weapons, of which there are many. Released to little fanfare, the game received high rankings abound and the developers were quick to tweak the game while interacting with the community.

Image: CalixTech News

Image: Calixtech News

Back in the early 90’s, when demos and shareware were king, the scene was littered not with first person shooters, but “doom clones” as DOOM was king of the FPS hill until trounced by the 3D Realms’ Duke Nukem 3D. Prior to Duke’s success, 3D Realms had released Rise Of The Triad, a very over the top shooter that featured jump pads, a plethora of destructive weaponry, and a myriad of power ups. Originally a sequel to the genre-defining Wolfenstein 3D, the sequel plan was scrapped and ROTT was developed into its own game. It came complete with a lengthy campaign, functional (now quite primitive) multiplayer and a bit of a cinematic flair.

Image: Calixtech News

Image: Calixtech News

With the 2013 reboot, Interceptor Interactive has taken the original game, rebuilt it from the ground up in Unreal Engine 3. Packed with an insane amount of speed, ramped up gore, arena-style multiplayer and even more over the top power-ups, you seriously cant ask for more in a shooter. As shallow as the single player can seem, that’s the novelty in it. It’s more of an arcade-like presentation than most shooter gamers from this generation are used to, instead focusing more on gameplay and rewarding the player with a sense of momentum as they blast their way through the levels.

Image: Calixtech News

Image: Calixtech News

Another strong point of the game is that it does not rely on paid DLC to add replayability. The game already comes with its own content creation suite, the Ludicrous Workshop. Player created content is available on the Steam Marketplace, ranging from multiplayer maps and additional single player adventures. The game retails for $15, but is often on sale. If you are looking for a break from the inundation of military shooters of the present day, give ROTT a shot. You will not regret it.

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