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Xbox Live Games With Gold Keeps On Giving: January 2016

Image: Digital Trends

If you have played through everything you have received for the holidays and are looking for something new to play this weekend, Xbox Live Gold members are in for a real treat. For the second half of January 2016, the Games with Gold titles will be the stellar RPG/FPS Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the newly released Zheros.

One of the definitive games of the previous generation, Deus Ex: Human Revolution serves as a prequel to the PC masterpiece Deus Ex, released by ION Storm back in 2000. Set 25 years before the events of the first game in a world dominated by mega-corporations, the player is treated to exceptional gameplay, a stellar score, and the opportunity to deal with issues such as extreme poverty, mobilizations, human survival and the ethics behind advancing humanity through cybernetic methods and implants. The game does not simply skim over these issues and they are central to the games immersing plot, puling you into a game that is a rather huge narrative achievement in storytelling.

Image: CalixTech News

Image: CalixTech News

Zheros, a brand new release for the Xbox One, take the now-obscure but rather niche beat-em-up genre of decades past and gives it a current gen boost. Featuring intense brawling, lots of combos and a bright, cartoonish sci-fi atmosphere, it is a different track than that of the recent attempts to revitalize the genre which usually place it in the tried-and-true inner-city settings. The games combo system is very rewarding, giving you props and extra items for lengthy string of attacks with momentum. If you’re yearning for a real workout for your thumbs, pick this up.

Image: CalixTech News

Image: CalixTech News

As an added bonus, Gold subscribers can also pick up the Killer Instinct Season One Ultra Edition for free as well, which will surely add a substantial amount of new players to the fledgling exclusive fighter. One of the main drawbacks to the game was that it was primarily DLC-driven, making players plunk down additional cash to really enjoy the game. Now players can jump right into the action with several characters right from the get-go, along with additional content added. These the two games and this incredible bonus, this month is shaping up to be a good month to own an Xbox One.


Image: CalixTech News

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