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DOOM Release Date & Collectors Edition Announced

Image: Doom

After a very successful run with the closed beta on the PC and consoles, DOOM is now confirmed to see the light of day on May 13. We spent a lot of time on the beta, and we can assure you that this is going to be an insane game. This comes as no surprise, as fast-paced action with jarring scares and surprises is a hallmark of the franchise, something that has not missed a beat in each successive entry in the series since 1993. Don’t worry if you have missed out on the previous beta weekends, there is one more scheduled weekend before launch when you can try the beta one last time. If you purchased Wolfenstein: The New Order, use the code within the game case if you haven’t yet.

If you pre-order the game, you will also be treated to a wealth of in-game content from day one. The Demon Multiplayer Pack pre-order bonus includes a demon armor set for multiplayer characters that comes in three variations with six colors. It also comes with three id Software patters to slap onto your equipment for added flair. Included in the bonus are six “Hack Modules”, consumable items that give you positive handicap in the multiplayer games.

Image: Doom

Image: Doom

For $120, gamers can get their hands on the collector’s edition which contains a 12” statue of one of the franchises freakiest and longest running adversaries: the Revenant. If you played the beta, you’ll remember the Revenant as the shambling skeleton shooting rockets out of its shoulders. The statue was made by TriForce, and is strikingly accurate to the in-game model. Complete with an LED-lit base, this is a wonderful centerpiece for any shelf, desktop or figure rack. A copy of the game will also come contained within a detailed metal case.

DOOM Release Date & Collectors Edition   Image: Doom

DOOM Release Date & Collectors Edition    Image: Doom

Though the game does contain some trace elements from the scrapped prototype id Software was working on before, the game itself is still the brutal, extreme, speedy gameplay we have come to love since the games original inception of these concepts in the early 90s. id Software could not keep entirely with nostalgia, so elements of present day shooters are in gear. Breaking from the tried-and-true DOOM formula, you select loadouts and can only carry two specific weapons at a time. One weapon also allows for down-sigh aiming to get high-damage headshots. While these new gameplay tweaks deviate from the original formula, the game is promising to be a strong alternative to a FPS market mired in derivative military shooters. Get ready to fight the forces of hell once more.

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