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A new year always marks a new era in the tech age, especially for all of us Apple fans and this year is no different! Rumors about the new iPhone 7 have already surfaced and are gearing us all up for what Apple has in store for its fans this year!! According to CNET and Mac Rumors, the iPhone 7 is said to mimic the body style and appeal of the current iPhone 6S line, with its slender body, rounded edges and 3D touch screen but removing the antenna bars from the rear of the device, giving the back a more unified look.

There have been talks of Apple removing the headphone jack on this new model, making way for the latest Bluetooth technology and including Bluetooth headphones in the box. Who wouldn’t want that?! But wait! It is also said that in lieu of the audio jack connectivity, there will be a new earphone that is supported through the lighting port. Thinking about it, that’s probably going to be extremely convenient and potentially even setting the standard for earphone production in the future.

Image: Mac Rumor

Image: Mac Rumor

Sporting the latest and greatest A10 chip processor, the iPhone 7 will be even faster than its predecessors with a faster performing Touch ID as well. We’re also looking at potentially having an AMOLED screen (this is also rumored to show up in 2018 models as well), being waterproof and possibly a different type of metal; maybe even some type of liquid metal. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will both come with 12 mega-pixel cameras. Additionally, the iPhone 7 plus will feature a dual camera, first of its kind in the iPhone series.

Staying true to tradition, we’re probably not going to see the release of this new phone until Fall 2016, but these little nuggets of information will keep us avid Applers on our toes until the reveal.

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