March 21 Apple Announcement Recap

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Since it’s launch in 2015, Apple Watch has become the top selling smart watch in the world making an impact on the lives of it’s users daily though all of it’s functionality. Today, Apple announced the production of a few new bands, including the new woven nylon band with it’s 4 layer construction and multi tone banding. There were also a few new colors of the sport and leather bands announced, as well as a Spaceblack milanese loop.

iWatch now starts at $299 

Apple TV

Not too much is new with Apple TV! Since it’s announcement last quarter, Apple has seen the largest sales in the product since it was first released. Over 5000 apps now live in the it’s App store and it includes a host of awesome features, such as simultaneous viewing of sports games with the scores running below and access to switch to that game (a feature that is exclusive to Apple), workout apps, HubGrub where you can order your favorite takeout and much more! In the new tvOS upgrade coming soon, users will now be able to use Siri, create folders, use dictation to enter information including username and passwords and have access to the iCloud library on your other devices. So many exciting features in this software update!!

Image: Apple Inc.

Image: Apple Inc.


iPhone has been the most loved smartphone in the world and continues to set the bar for mobile technology. Today as we all expected, a new iPhone was announced – a 4-inch screen iPhone SE. With over 30 million 4-inch iPhones sold and customer feedback asking to keep the smaller phone, Apple listened with this new rendition of an old classic!

Some of the new features consist of:

It is available in 4 colors (rose gold included) and a couple sizes. With graphics performance the same as that of the iPhone 6S, adding this phone to the iPhone line up brings a new flair.

Pricing Options: 16GB = $399 ; 64GB = $499

Available for Orders: March 24

Available in Store: March 31


To date iOS 9 is running on 80% of active iOS devices which greatly beats the latest version of Android, which is running on 2% of devices. Monday, Apple released iOS 9.3 as a free software upgrade to include 6 new features!

  • NightShift

When enabled, NightShift uses location services and the clock to determine the time of sunset in your area to automatically reduce the blue light on your screen. Giving your screen an almost sepia filter look, making it easier on your eyes and more likely for you to get a better sleep. Studies show that exposure to blue light in the evenings make it harder for you to fall asleep. With NightShift automatically shifting to the warmer end of the spectrum, you may be able to fall asleep a little faster.

  •  Notes

Notes can now be security protected with either a passcode or TouchID fingerprint

  •  Health

The Health app will now add suggestions to your dashboard that fit your activity patterns

  • News

Improvements were made in Top Stories, where trending topics and top picks are now automatically added

  • CarPlay

As of right now, almost every major car brand has committed to integrating CarPlay into it’s vehicles giving the digital screens an iOS app look and feel, for easy navigation. Integrating Apple Music and Maps to use your location and favorite songs to suggest the next thing you should listen to or the closest place to eat.

  •  Education

Using iPads in the classroom is going to be much easier and more powerful by adding Education Preview designed specifically for students, teachers and administrators


Image: The Verge

Image: The Verge

As we’ve all come to know, the iPad Pro is the perfect expression of the personal computer. In fact, many have made the iPad Pro their primary computing device already! Well on Monday March 21, Apple changed the game a little bit and introduced a 9.7 inch iPad Pro. Built with all of the same technology as it’s larger counterpart, this smaller iPad Pro is said to speak to all users, especially windows users! This is said to be the ultimate PC replacement!

With this smaller version of the iPad Pro, you get a slightly less reflective screen that has 25% greater color saturation and works the new NightShift feature of the new iOS 9 update. This iPad also has a True Tone Display which measures color temperature of ambient light and adjusts the display accordingly. This is a really neat feature for those who are sensitive to stark bright lights. This iPad comes equipped with the Integrated M9 compressor and A9X 64-bit chip which is incredible for gaming (is said to be better than an Xbox 360 — I will leave that for all of you gamers out there to test). The camera will be one of the best yet for the iPad.

Available for order starting Thursday, March 24th and available to ship March 31st, pricing will include for the first time ever, a 256GB option at $899.

Pricing Options: 32GB = $599 ; 128GB = $749 ; 256GB = $899

Available for Orders: March 24

Available to Ship: March 31

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