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PS4 3.50 Update

Image: Sony

The PS4’s next major system update, 3.50 (code-named MUSHASHI) will be released for beta testers tomorrow. Those who signed up and were selected will be receiving Cinstructions via email on how to download the beta and give it a whirl. Though the update is still in beta phase, there are a lot of major changes that are coming that have already been announced by Sony. These include:

Image: CalixTech News

Image: CalixTech News

  • Friend Online Notification – With this update, PS4 users will be able to receive notifications when their friends log onto PSN. Though the PS3 already had this feature, it is a welcome addition to the PS4 given how the system already gives you notifications for just about everything else.
  • Appear Offline – A long requested feature, players will now be able to use the PS4 without having to pop up in their friends list of fellow gamers. A feature that has been long enjoyed on the Xbox 360 and never made it to the PS3, this is a boon for those who use their system for media and do not wish to be disturbed with game party invites while watching a movie or playing music. This also helps for when one wishes to game alone and not feel rude towards those who send them invites to play.
  • User Scheduled Events – If you take playing with your closest friends online seriously, you’ll love this one. Let your PS4 handle all of the party coordination for you, as scheduled events will automatically invite all listed players into a party at a specific time. For livestreamers and those who live on a playtime schedule, this is a godsend.
  • Play Together – This isn’t exactly a new feature, but more of a tweaking of the Party system. It will allow players in the same party to view what each other party member is playing, allowing them to seamlessly join their friend or start a new game.

Two more features will have their foundations tested, but will not be released for testing. The upcoming Remote Play feature will allow gamers to play PS4 games on their PCs or Macs, and soon gamers will be able to stream their games to Dailymotion. As expected, the PS4 just keeps getting better and better,


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