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Rumor Report: Call of Duty 2016 To Include MW1/MW2

Late adopters of Call of Duty titles may be in for a trip down the origins of the series, as the current hot rumor coursing around Xbox fan sites and news outlets is that the next entry in the CoD series will include backwards compatible copies of both Modern Warfare 1 & 2. Not only does this give some younger gamers a chance to see what the FPS juggernaut was before it became the franchise it is today, it also gives longtime CoD players a chance to relive the time when CoD was considered to be at its apex.

This latest rumor was released from TheTechGame, who heard from a “credible source” that both titles will be available to those who pre-order the new title. Given that the inclusion of last-gen titles as system sellers and other means of promotion, this is a sign that it’s becoming a new trend in driving sales through digital content. Given that last-gen titles are usually available as remastered packages or HD versions, seeing these two excellent titles available for free is a serious treat. An example of this was the release of the entire Gears of War catalog for those who purchased the Ultimate Edition in 2015.


This is also a subtle but much needed boost of exclusivity for the Xbox One, as it adds another notch in Sony’s losing effort on the front of backwards compatibility. Given that the PS4’s backwards compatibility did not live up to the hype that surrounded it, Microsoft’s console has been able to entice new adopters and people switching “sides” over being able to enjoy the Xbox 360’s huge backlog of games, even if in increments via system update.

Given that CoD 2016 will hallmark the return of Infinity Ward as the games primary developer, it only makes sense that they release their two most popular and successful titles from the franchise. Though Activision and IW have been mum on the new game, the addition of these two pat titles is definitely an an attention-getter.

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