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Update 3.50 Has Been Released, PS4 Remote Play Is Now Live

Image: Cult Of Mac

The massive 3.50 update we covered here on CalixTech News last month will be available today for all PS4 owners after a successful beta run. The update brings a dearth of long-awaited and heavily requested features to the PS4 including friend notifications, game event scheduling and an enhanced party experience. The biggest part of the update comes in the form of expanding the systems Remote Play capabilities.

If you are worried about a bias towards a Windows OS, you’re in luck. While Linux users are out of luck, Remote Play is capable with the following operating systems:

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10 or later
  • OS X 10.10
  • OS X 10.11

The primary hitch for some users will be the lack of quality that is resultant from streaming the console to other computers. If you’re clamoring for a full HD experience no matter where the console is streamed, you’re out of luck. Remote Play defaults to 540p, with an option to bump up to 720p if your connection can handle it. Ideally, those who are planning to use 720p should take care to have a wired network or a fairly strong wireless signal, or they will experience a lot of lag and chugging. Though streaming in 60fps is possible, most users will find themselves stuck with the default 30fps. A DualShock 4 controller must be connected to the PC using a USB cable.

Image: Sony

Image: Sony

While the sacrifice in quality and the necessity for a solid network seem to make Remote Play something to dismiss, the function has its usefulness. First, if you live with only one television in your home that is typically shared with many other people, this allows you to stream your console to your own computer, freeing up the television for those who wish to use it while giving you a chance to play, albeit at reduced quality. Given how often a home network is used in today’s busy household, bandwidth will be a precious commodity.

Image: CalixTech News

Image: CalixTech News

Though a lot of the features introduced in update 3.50 seem long overdue, they are still welcome changes that further improve on an already stellar game console. The PSN experience is beginning to feel far more social and connected, features that Microsoft had a one-up on with Sony with Xbox Live. Though the PlayStation Network served well for connecting gamers, Xbox Live really turned it into a social experience, hence their old slogan “It’s good to play together.” With the PS4 now leading the pack in delivering a complete online social experience and increasing the means and methods used to connect with other games on their network (and soon with those on Xbox Live), we’re excited to see what the next major update brings to the console.

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