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PAX East 2016 Highlights

One of the contenders to the market dominance of E3, PAX East 2016 gave gamers, press and the industry on the east coast a chance to get the inside scoop on whats coming out, new concepts and reveals and a slew of games to play. If you missed out on the event, come take a look at what we thought really stole the show.

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has finally confirmed that the next game in the smash hit Borderlands series is finally upon us and that the title is currently in development. Typical of Gearbox, they are quite mum on the subject of what changes will be made for the first game in the series to hit a current-gen platform, as both the first and second titles left gamers with a feeling of “don’t fix what ain’t broke”, as they successfully mixed the loot- and experience-fest of games like Diablo with fast paced FPS game play. A combo that had not been done before, it hit the mark perfectly on the first attempt and has only gotten better. The only info that was confirmed along with the announcement was that Borderlands 2 art director Scott Kester will be working on the latest title, so fans of the sequel have a lot to look forward to.


Image: Borderlands

Image: Borderlands


Fans of the hugely successful free-to-play FPS Warframe were given a lot to salivate over at the developers panel, which revealed a slew of changes and additions to the game. A 30th character will be added, Rebecca. This frame will be fairy-esque design with a host of whimsical, magical abilities in stark contrast to the typical “battle-mage” motif the other frames have. Also, taking a hint from the success of the PvP content that was added to Destiny, competitive modes will be returning to the game soon after a lot of player demand.


Image: Rock Band

Another big surprise was developer Harmonix announcing a massive fix to last years hit, Rock Band 4. One of the glaring omissions from the game was not a favored song or a removed mode, but the absence of online multiplayer. Though Rock Band is best enjoyed with company in the room, jamming with others online has become a staple of the series, bringing people together with a love of music and great game play. The update has an ambiguous release date of “holiday 2016” at this time, which leads us to believe the update may have more to offer than what has been announced. Harmonic community manager Criss Burki said that players can expect a smooth online experience with the game once the update launches.

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