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The PS4 “Neo” Leak Info

The PS4.5 has become a reality as it seems, with the leak of information on the PlayStation 4 Neo all but confirming the upgrade to the console. The major selling point is the long awaited addition of 4K gaming, matching the PS4’s 4K media output. Along with a slew of other features, it is not a “repalcement” for the PS4 as everyone had either suggested or feared. Instead, the all but confirming rumors show it off as an “upgrade” to the system, but not one so dramatic that it will alienate those who do not wish to add onto their PS4 systems.

Image: Sony

Image: Sony

Eurogamer has received info on the system, along with a rundown of the rules developers must follow when developing with this upgrade in mind.

  • The Dual Shock 4 will still remain the primary controller for the system. Sony has also stressed that all currently released peripherals should be supported for this upgrade. This is good news, as having to buy a new set of peripherals would kill the value of the system.
  • 1080p is the mandatory minimum for resolution. Given that anything below 1080p now is glossed over as “low quality”, it makes sense that Sony is pushing developers to stick to the top format, as well as consider developing for 4K.
  • No games will support segregated servers online, meaning PS4 Neo players should be able to pay with non-Neo players on all games.
  • All save data will be cross platform and interchangeable between both systems. Sony is tasking the developers with the development of this function.
  • Forward comparability will only be for older games, as Sony wants all games released from October 2016 onward to be geared for the Neo.
Image: Cnet

Image: Cnet

The guidelines set by Sony are rather stringent, emphasizing that this will be a definite “upgrade” to the PS4 and not a beefed-up console with its own library of games. Sony, clearly having learned from the mistakes Sega made with their ill-fated Genesis add-ons (the Sega CD and the 32X), is intent on making sure the current owners of their console are not left in the dust. The guidelines are actually more reassuring than anything, seeing as Sony is putting a lot of emphasis on showing console owners that they will not be a forgotten minority of their customer base.

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