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Darbee Visions DVP-5000S Review

Up-scaling and picture quality enhancing devices have enjoyed a recent surge of popularity as televisions begin to move onto the 4K standard, but consumers still harbor an attachment to older televisions and media playback devices that will not work effectively with the newer generation of televisions. As an alternative to replacing a television for only a minuscule improvement in quality or making an investment in a new set when a currently owned one suffices, pass-through devices such as Darbee Visions DVP-5000S allow for a connected media playback device to deliver a much sharper, clearer and more vibrant picture to your HDTV.

The applications of the device are rather practical, but useful to the consumer who wishes to add some longevity to their older devices that do not have the quality-enhancing tweaks that more current models have. A DVD player from 2003 may serve the same primary function as one released today, but aside from the amenities such as wifi and streaming, the device itself will deliver a clearer picture than the obsolete unit. Regardless, if one is not willing to purchase a new device (or in many cases, devices), simply using the DVP-5000S will eliminate that need. Though it may seem impractical to purchase the processor to only improve the quality of one device, those who own multiple media playback devices will find it extremely useful. DVD players, Blu-ray players, game consoles and mobile devices with HDMI output can all benefit.

Image: Darbee

Image: Darbee

The device itself plugs seamlessly into your home system setup, acting as a pass-through device between your television and media source. It conveniently does not interfere with HDMI control, so any receivers can be used while the device is in place. The device itself is controlled via remote, which is necessary as the unit does not contain any input or buttons. Calibration and setup can be performed with relative ease, as the calibration is detailed yet accessible to even a casual user of products such as these.

The primary qualms users may have with the device is the price for what it offers. Though it fulfills a needed role for a nice audience of media viewers, the $250 price tag is difficult to justify for many others. Given the abundance and relative cheapness of quality DVD players in 2016, replacing an older player with a newer one would be a better option. There have also been issues with audio syncing and compatibility issues with some devices. Make sure to consult with the manufacturer to check if your device(s) will work.

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