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Google Home: As Good As Alexa?

Image: Google

On the heels of the Amazon Echo wave, Google just announced a huge contender to Alexa – Google Home. Home is an always-on speaker which listens for search queries, plays music, and controls connected home automation devices. ( Powered by Google Assistant and slated to hit the market later this year, this long awaited announcement has the tech world raving about whether or not this will truly be a contender for Echo, and to be honest, I have to agree. Although a direct competitor, yes, will Google Home be able to will take off as it’s intended? Here are three reasons why you may want to think twice before putting the home in your home.

  1. Amazon got a head start

Google Home just may give Echo a run for its money upfront, but what consumers have to keep in mind is that Google Home is debuting in a market dominated by Alexa. Amazon has pretty much taken over the when it comes to online consumer purchases. With the Prime subscription alone, consumers have a lot more of an incentive to purchase pretty much everything they’d ever need through Amazon. Adding Alexa into the mix, just gives an added bonus since it too listens for searches, plays music and controls home automation devices. However, Home will have

Image: Google

Image: Google

customization base shells to match the décor of your home or spice up a room. It’s compact structure fits well in any setting and is adorable – a leg up on Echo for sure! Home will be designed to that if you want to have multiple devices throughout your home, you most absolutely can! Just keep in mind, there will be a smaller network of home automation devices to choose from – something to think about if you’re debating on which device to purchase.


  1. Is your privacy really going to be so?

Everyone knows that Google’s main source of data is its customers. Whether you’ve set your location services or not, clicked on an ad for a local restaurant, or entered your last name into a field somewhere, Google captures its customers’ data and uses that as it’s driving source to tailor your google experience to you personally. For years, we all have had concerns with the “privacy” of Google and whether or not it’s in-fact private at all. Home is no different in my book. Will Home collect information similar to the way the website does? If I’m listening to Spotify and an ad runs about a local restaurant I looked up a few hours ago on google, should I feel concerned? These are questions I’d ask myself. I don’t want everyone in my business if I have company over. Think about it… would you want that?

Image: google

Image: Google

  1. How much will you use it?

Now let’s be realistic here. How many people techies and non-techies, use solely Google based products? Google is always integrated somehow, whether through searching online, checking your outlook email, or receiving the reminder for that very important meeting you don’t want to miss. Google is always integrated somehow, but rarely the sole platform being used. Will the advent of Home change that? (I highly doubt it)

On the heels of the Amazon Echo wave, will Google Home really present Amazon with a competitive challenge? I guess only time will tell. As more information is released and questions answered, we will see how much of a threat Home really is.

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