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JBL Everest Elite 700 Wireless Headphone Review

Image: Gizmag

OK so I own a lot of headphones. I would say a unreasonable amount of headphones or headsets especially for someone in this business. Now recently I’ve got my hands on a set of wireless headphones from Harman/JBL. I was sent a pair of Everest Elite 700 wireless Bluetooth headphones and to be honest I didn’t really expect anything out of the ordinary. That being said these things are amazing.

Image: Harman/JBL

Image: Harman/JBL

For starters you have wireless Bluetooth headphones that have a great connection range; I literally walked throughout my entire house and not been disconnected once and I have a fairly nice sized house. Second the sound quality, which one could argue is the primary reason for having headphones, is amazing. I would hold these on par with other really high-end headphones. The plush over ear, ear pads create a comfortable seal allowing  you to wear them for hours. Being that they are active noise-canceling headphones, so you can enjoy your audio at much lower volumes. These headphones are able to reproduce a richer low-end with a amazing bandwidth. Not much more you can ask for as far as audio performance.

Image: Gizmag

Image: Gizmag

The next thing that separates these headphones from many other headphones is the proprietary App by JBL (available in the App store and google play store). The app allows you to control how much noise you want to allow to penetrate your listening experience via the active noise canceling feature. If you were home enjoying a new record you might want your ambient awareness at zero, whereas if you were at a airport or walking around the city you might want to raise it a bit. This app allows you to control the ambient awareness on your right side, your left, or both as well as controlling your EQ settings and auto calibrating your ear cups for a more custom experience.

JBL Headphone App Image: Calixtech News

JBL Headphone App                   Image: CalixTech News

Once I finished admiring their packaging and installing the app to sync with my headphones I began listening. I wore the headphones for hours with no discomfort which is rare considering I wear glasses.The 3 button controls on either side of the headphones allow you a ton of control over what you are listening to from volume, playback, as well as control over phone calls (did I mention the built in mic?).  From listening to new albums fresh off Itunes or late nights editing video these headphones are great. Also to my knowledge these are the first headphones that are developer friendly. Harman recently released a SDK for several of their wireless products. There are really no downside to these headphones. The included wire in the box allow you to hard wire the headphones and put them into “passive” mode if you so desire.

JBL estimates the headphones have a battery life of about 15 hours with both Bluetooth and noise cancellation enabled, or about 25 hours with only noise cancellation but my experience has varied. in all id say these are a great pair of headphones to invest in especially for the price. The Everest Elite 700 currently retails for $300.

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