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Rumor Report: Macbook Pro Redesign

Macbook Concept Image:

The rumor mill has started up again! Talks about a revamping to the Macbook Pro are well underway. Everyone is talking about it and we’re all anxious to see what’s to come.

Word on the street is that some interesting new features may be coming to the Macbook Pro soon, calling for a considerable redesign. “According to well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities and 9to5mac, it should be much more than a specification bump” (Techcrunch), which will be exciting to see considering it’s been a few years since the Macbook Pro has had any major changes. Last major changes were the addition of the 12’ Macbook.

Leaked Unibody vs. Current Macbook   Image: Cult Of Mac

Leaked Uni-body vs. Current Macbook          Image: Cult Of Mac

The new MacBook Pro is rumored to keep it’s screen sizes, 13’ and 15’, but lighter and thinner in body, similar to the 12’ Macbook, however, still incorporating HDMI, USB and Thunderbolt ports, potentially through USB-C technology, which would replace the ports essentially. Yes, if this is true, it could present a challenge for everything you currently use but let’s not talk about that now. We can cross that bridge when we get to it.

Side Profile of Leaked Body    Image: Cult Of Mac

Side Profile of Leaked Body          Image: Cult Of Mac

Another huge addition is that Apple could be putting in an OLED touchscreen above the keyboard when the function keys are. Though Apple has yet to add a touchscreen to their Mac line, this addition is said to change functionality depending on the app or program being used on the laptop. As a Mac user, I think that would be really cool to be able to customize function keys to different apps I’m working in. Creates for more versatility which you can never have enough of.

It looks like Apple may also be adding a Touch ID Sensor to the laptop, releasing possible functions like ApplePay for online purchases and unlocking your computer. We will see what truly comes of this once the rumors are put to rest and Apple gives the official announcement. Until then we will just have to hold on a tight and enjoy the ride.


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