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Apple’s WWDC 2016 Recap

Image: Apple

With over 74 countries represented and this year’s youngest attendee being only 9 years old, WWDC 2016 captivated its audience by tackling the topic of software! Many new features and upgrades are coming across all of Apple’s major platforms this fall and we got a sneak peek of them! Let’s dive into each topic a little, highlighting some of the great features.

Image: Apple

Image: Apple


A huge win for developers announced at WWDC. Developers now have access to build across all 4 platforms: watchOS, TVOS, OSX, and iOS. This opens a world of opportunities for existing and future developers as they are can create more groundbreaking apps that can potentially bring more users to the Apple world, while keeping the current consumers happy and paying developers directly – Something that set Apple apart from its competitors. In addition, for coders and coder enthusiasts, a new iPad was introduced to teach kids and non-coders to code. It’s called Swift Playgrounds. Available for developers: now; Public Beta Release: July; Available to everyone: Fall 2016.


So many amazing new things coming to watchOS this Fall. Some changes coming that make functionality of the watch a little more efficient:

  • Apps running in the background and updates
  • Addition of Control Center – similar to iOS
  • Dock feature where apps are running live: Tap to launch
  • Scribble to write messages in English and Chinese
    Image: Apple

    Image: Apple



Works from either your iPhone or watch and will call Emergency Services for the local area you are in as well as send an immediate notification with your location to your Emergency Contacts. Your Medical ID info will also be sent, if you so choose. This is activated when you press and hold on the side button and works even outside the USA.


Fitness has been all the rave for the last few years, especially in recent times with all of the different fitness opportunities out and wearable technologies to help enhance that journey. You will now be able to share your fitness goals and talk smack to your friends. Who doesn’t like a little health competition! Best way to stay motivated!

watchOS Availability

  • Developers: NOW
  • Free Upgrade this Fall


Last fall, the Next Gen Apple TV was released, confirming that the future of TV is apps. With 1300 video channels and 6000 native apps currently available for use, one more has been added to the list – SLING. Bringing along with it Fox Sports Go, Molotor (July), NBA2K, Minecraft, SketchPro. An iPhone app is also in the works!! Siri is also coming to the AppleTV being able to search movies, TV Shows and YouTube. The best news is that Single Sign-On will be available, making signing into subscriptions simple and easy. You will only need to log-in to one for all to work (Finally). Also, there will be a dark mode to help lessen the brightness when you’re in darker room.

TVOS Availability

  • Developers: NOW
  • Free Upgrade this Fall


After 15 years of the name OSX, the “world’s most advanced desktop operating system will now be called macOS, with its newest upgrade, macOS Sierra. Focusing on continuity, iCloud and fundamentals of the overall Mac experience, there are eight major changes coming to the platform.

  1. Auto Unlock – connected to Apple Watch
  2. Universal Clipboard – copy from iPhone and paste to Mac
  3. iCloud Drive – making both documents and your desktop accessible from virtually everywhere on other macs and iPhones
  4. Optimized Storage – making more room for files; older files are thrown into the cloud, compressing your storage capacity to allow for more data.
  5. Apple Pay – brought to you through Safari; a number of retailers will have an Apple Pay button on their checkout screen where you will verify by using continuity through your iPhone
  6. Tabs – not only in Safari but also third party apps; no longer in need of a developer adoption requirement
  7. Picture in Picture – works in full screen and can be manipulated around the screen; can be resized and repositioned to work on top of other content
  8. Siri – can be accessed right on the doc; sophisticated query and adjustment; results can be used in keynote presentations and can be copied from iPad to Mac

macOS Availability

  • Developers: NOW
  • Public Beta: NOW
  • Free Upgrade this Fall

iOS 10

Image: Apple

Image: Apple

A huge release for developers and customers alike, here are the 10 biggest enhancements that will be iOS 10 this fall.

  1. Experience – redesigned lock screen with expanded use of notifications
    1. Raise to wake – notifications don’t darken the background
    2. 3D touch clear all notifications with just a tap
    3. Uses 3D touch for replies and can stay in the conversation
    4. Control Center is redesigned – Swipe over for iTunes
  2. Siri – Opening up to developers!!!
    1. Sends messages through Slack, WhatsApp, WeChat
    2. Photo search: Shutterfly and Pinterest
    3. Send money via Square Cash
    4. VOIP – Skype and Sonic
    5. Send Message through CarPlay
  3. Quick Type – using Siri intelligence, you can respond with location, automatically offers relative contacts from your phone, pre-fills iCal, supports multi-lingual typing and more.
  4. Photos – iCloud Photo library will provide an easier way to see photos taken through facial recognition, places, objection and scene recognition. A new tab at the bottom called Memories will be added that searches all photos on your device and conjures up memories using dates, people and topics as well as creates videos for you using this content.
  5. Maps – Coming with an all new design and easy access controls, such as suggestions that slides from the bottom up, traffic w/ alternate route recommendations and a convenient search slider are just a few of the awesome enhancements coming to Maps.
  6. Music – An all new design is coming to the Music App, highlighting Music as the hero with a simplistic yet familiar look and feel to it.
  7. News – Currently over 2000 publications are available on the Apple News. This too is getting a new, yet similar design highlighting what you’d really want to read and bringing those topics, featured stories and subscriptions straight to you.
  8. Homekit – Home automation products, ie, accessories, etc., can be controlled completely through the iOS app (on iPhone or iPad). Each has a customized viewing screen, with interactive notifications, giving you ultimate control over each product individually.
  9. Phone – Voicemails will be transcribed. Contact cards will be enhanced. Tencent will be added that indicates possible phone spam through Caller ID.
  10. Messages – So many cool features are coming to messages, many to include: Invisible Ink (swipe the dancing particles to review the message), Tap to replace with emojis (every word in your conversation that has a corresponding emoji will be highlighted; tap to replace each word with its emoji), Tapback (similar to a Like on social media); Handwritten messages and so much more.

With user privacy heavily weighted in society presently, Tim reassured users that the safety and privacy of our information is just as important to Apple as it is to us. End-to-end encryption secures all information we have on our devices and does not profile on any users, keeping the information exactly where we want it to be, on our devices only.

iOS 10 Availability

  • Developers: NOW
  • Public Beta: July
  • Free Upgrade this Fall

This was a fully loaded keynote with tons of great new features and enhancements coming our way Fall 2016….With all of these great enhancements, I’m excited to see what is next on the product line-up!

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