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Image: Jam Audio

Recently I was in the market for a really good pair of Bluetooth headphones to use while I run. I’ve tried out a few but none really seemed to really work out. We managed to get our hands on a pair of their Transit Micro Sportbuds. These are a set of Bluetooth headphones with safety in mind. At first I was a little apprehensive, because I don’t like putting things in my ear. However, these ear buds were extremely comfortable and had the features that I was looking for. In the water bottle packaging (BEST PACKAGING EVER), JAM provides you with 3 different sized ear tips used for personal fit. You’re also provided a USB cable for charging, a cable clip used to wrap excess wire and 2 different sets of ear hooks if you like the wrap around feel.

Image: Jam Audio

Image: Jam Audio

I took these bad boys out for a run a few times and I also took them to the gym and I will say I was quite impressed with the comfort level. I’ve had ear buds with ear hooks before. After wearing them for a while they would become uncomfortable, but JAM got it right. The ear buds never slipped out of my ear’s which is annoying to deal with if you’re listening to your favorite dance mix while working out so kudos to JAM.

I love that the cord is reflective and that it comes with their safe surround feature. So if someone decides to talk to you while you have your buds in or you want to be aware while running, there’s a button on the left bud that will cut the music on the left side. This feature is great for multiple reasons, especially if you’re in a high traffic area and you need to be aware of traffic, this feature is ideal. I found it pretty handy during my workout.

Image: Jam Audio

Image: Jam Audio

The only thing I would change would be that buds had a higher volume. The quality of the sound is great, but sometimes I would like to jam out harder if I’m not working out but that is a personal preference. Other than that, these buds did their job and the quality is awesome all around.

JAM TRANSIT MICRO SPORT BUDS are currently $79.99 at

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