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Introducing Apples iPhone 7

Today’s Apple Special Event raised the bar for the smartphone standard, once again. To date, over 1 billion iPhones have been sold world-wide, topping charts as the best selling product of it’s kind. Apple is leading in technology with integration of hardware, software and services; the new iPhone 7 is now the tech giant’s greatest materialization of that. Let’s take a look at the major features coming in the new iPhone 7…

Images: Apple

Image: Apple

A powerful device is nothing without an amazing operating system to run on. The most robust operating system yet created by Apple, iOS 10. Some of the amazing new features include:

  • Lift to wake
  • Siri from LockScreen
  • Contextual Prediction
  • Re-designed Maps: Book rides and reservations without leaving the app
  • Home Kit: Integration of Home-Automation right from your finger tips
  • Messages: bubble effect, stickers, etc.
  • And so much more!!! Definitely the coolest iOS released yet!

Available for Download: September 13

iPhone 7 has been re-engineered with a beautiful high-gloss black finish. It’s cohesive aluminum and glass body makes for a seamless unified enclosure that takes a familiar style to an entirely new level! The newest color added to the game is Jet Black – this high gloss refined design with a stainless steel logo on the back. The antennas have been embedded into the body so they are less noticeable. Over all the new look of the phone is beautiful. The enclosure is also water and dust resistant, which is something we’ve all been waiting for! Although unspecified of the range of submersion if it were to occur, numerous photos and videos of being in the rain or accidentally falling in a pool were shown throughout this portion of the keynote.


Image: Apple

The Home Button has always been a quintessential part of the device, “bringing you home” whenever you need it, multitasking or paying for your favorite foods. Home Button is now more responsive, reliable and customizable with the addition of force sensitivity through the taptic engine. 3rd party apps can be programmed to customize the feels received on the home button. You can also direct what kind of taptic feelings you want with your notifications, messages and ringtones that come through. Something never done before on a iOS device.


Image: Apple

For all you mobile photography nerds out there, the iPhone 7 camera is definitely one to impress! Tons of amazing new features are being integrated:

  • Optical Image Stabilization – up to 3x longer exposure
  • Larger f/1.8 aperture – lets in 50% more light on the sensor
  • New six-element lens – produces a sharper image from edge to edge with the 1.8 aperture
  • 12 megapixel high-speed sensor that’s 60% faster and 30% more energy efficient
  • Quad Lens True-Tone flash – reaches 50% further and has 50% more light flicker
  • Apple-Designed ISP — Performs 100 billion operations every time a photo is taken, and does so in 25 milliseconds. Everything from face detection, exposure, focus, white balance, wide color capture, noise reduction to so many more.
  • This iPhone 7 Camera is “a super computer for photos”.
  • The front camera was upgraded to a 7MP FaceTime HD Camera with wide color capture and auto image stabilization.
  • iPhone 7 Plus takes it up a notch with a dual 12MP camera – 1 Wide Angle & 1 Telephoto with a new on screen button that produces up to 10X Zoom.

These two new and improved cameras will be sure to set the stage for cameras in mobile devices because not only on the iPhone 7 Plus are there now two cameras, but there is also the ability for Shallow Depth of Field in portraits. This is a BIG deal! A feature that can be achieved on a DSLR camera is automatic on the iPhone 7 Plus and generates in real time on screen, as you’re taking the photo! So a photo like the one below can be taken from your phone……….. because this one was…..

Image: Apple

Image: Apple

Speakers have been upgraded to a provide stereo sound with a speaker at each end of the phone now, top and bottom with increased dynamic range. Lightning technology was taken to a new level here with EarPods. EarPods are now lightning connected, eliminating the audio jack all together. These new headphones will be included in the box with the new iPhone as well as a Lighting to audio jack adapter for those who still want to use other headphones.

A new set of headphones was introduced to the family called AirPods. These headphones take wireless technology to a whole new level with the W1 Chip. No Pairing or un-pairing needed anymore! These babies sense your iPhone 7/7Plus, Apple Watch or iPhone and automatically connects to whichever you are using at the moment, and switches platforms with you. With 5 hours of usage time, the carrying case charges while on the go. The entire enclosure can be charged with a lightning cable and will be sold separately. Beats will also integrate the W1 chip into the Solo 3 Wireless, Power 3 Wireless and new Beats X headphones.


Image: Apple


Apple AirPods        Image: Apple

Lastly, but probably the most important, performance. iPhone 7/ 7 Plus include the new A10 Fusion Chip.

A10 Fusion Chip Specs:

  • Two-high performance cores
  • 40% faster processing than A9
  • 2x faster processing than A8
  • Two-high efficiency cores
  • 1/5 the power
  • Apple-designed Performance Controller
  • tells the programs on which cores to operate
  • Graphics (high performance)
  • 50% faster than A9
  • 3x faster than A8
  • Graphics (high efficiency)
  • 2/3 the power of A9
  • 1/2 the power of A8
  • Battery list is the longest on this phone than any of it’s predecessors…
  • Coming from the iPhone 6S – adds about 2 hours to current battery life.
  • Coming form the iPhone 6S Plus – adds about 1 hour to current battery life.
  • Available in 5 colors: JetBlack (High Gloss), Black (Non-Gloss), Gold, Silver and Rose Gold
  • Availability and How to Get
  • Jet Black available in 128GB and 256GB capacities
  • iPhone 7Plus have same capacities as above.

Those who took advantage of the iPhone Upgrade Program through Apple will have the option to upgrade for these devices!!

Available for Pre-Order: Sept 9

Available for Shipping: Sept 16


iPhone 7 Starts: $649

iPhone 7 Plus Starts: $769

AirPods: Shipping Late October $159

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