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iOS 10 Beta Review

If you’re like me, you have to stay up to date with the latest in Apple Tech! Whether having it in your own possession, taking a trip to your local Apple Store to marvel in the glory and wonder it is or watching as many YouTube videos you can find. This year during WWDC, I got the same goosebumps, emotional and excited I always get and couldn’t wait for the Beta release of the iOS! I did not download it on the release day but actually waited a couple weeks, which I think was a good decision. Since the install, I’ve fallen in love with all of the new features and can’t wait for the official release in the Fall where I know it will only get better! Until then, let’s talk a little about some things to expect!


First and foremost, installing a Beta software is not as simple as you may think. This year, Apple decided to open up the Beta to the public for free! Win Win for us!!!! However, if you’ve run beta on any of your iOS devices in previous versions, you may be familiar with the tethered downloading, where you’d have to connect your device to your computer and download the software like a normal hardwire backup. Well, this time around, Apple made it super simple for us to get iOS 10 quickly on our devices! Yes, you guessed it, it was an over the air download!! I was super excited when I found that out!! This was awesome news!! No more tethering to my computer, but there is a catch. If you are thinking about installing iOS 10 Beta, please take one thing into consideration. In order for the software to work with the least amount of interruptions, you must DFU restore your phone (which means you’re wiping the phone completely clean and reinstalling the firmware) and set the device up as new. This produces the best results. You’re not going to get anywhere near the amount of lag and glitches as you will if you install over your current version of iOS 9. Glitches – yes, they do still exist; however, the good news is that thus far Apple releases an update approximately every 2 weeks patching some of the glitches that are submitted. Beta today, compared to the day I downloaded it 4 weeks ago has a lot less glitches.

Click Here for Beta Software

NOTE: There is a feedback app incorporated into the software to submit any issues you find while you’re using the software. With each submission you will include the diagnostic logs as well.


There are so many new and exciting features jam-packed into iOS10 that we’re only going to go through a few here, so let’s dive right in.

Messages: The comfort of the same familiar app but better! This app comes to us more robust with new functionality and better usage overall. With small adjustments to the current body, Messages adds a plethora of new features, to include “liking” a text, drawing, sending your heartbeat and my personal favorite, a gif keyboard. These features are all built into the app and require no additional extensions. Once you start using all of these new features, you’re going to be hooked!!

1st-par3 1st-par21st-par

Notifications: Not much has changed on the notifications front. The notification drop-down bubbles have rounded edges and now pop open to view more, reply to messages, etc.

Lock Screen Notification Menu (Swipe Right): The same rounded bubbles carry over here as well, but more information is available on this screen. You can see the time and date, what was most recently played in your Apple Music List, Weather, Maps, Batteries (if you’re Apple Watch or other Bluetooth devices connected), and so much more. Depicted below you’ll see I have Waze and Carrot weather widgets activated.


Apple Music: Compared to the Apple Music as we know it on iOS 9, the new Apple Music isn’t too different, except it is. All of the features we’re already used to have been enhanced, and the app as a whole has been given a face lift. As you can see from the examples below, the body of Apple Music has become a bit more efficient. Navigation is a tad easier and availability to music you’ve already played is way more accessible, without any hidden menus.

As we’re winding down the countdown for the release of this amazingly awesome iOS, and quite frankly what could be the best iOS Apple has released to date, I can’t help but wonder how many “surprise” features will come in the official version and what they will be. One can only dream, until the big day….

ios1 ios3 ios2

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