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TitanFall 2 Preview

Image: Respawn Ent.

Titanfall is a futuristic first person shooter which would best be compared to Call Of Duty: Black ops. A game of boost jumping, constant action and oh wait let me not forget…TITANS. If you aren’t aware this game was a huge Xbox exclusive that came out in 2014, and  blew up pretty much as fast as it died down. A huge complaint was that there were too many AI (artificial intelligence). Way too many little robots that get dropped off around the maps in groups that are killable and not enough people, not enough action. A multiplayer online experience where you came across more AI then you did actual players…well i think you get why it didn’t last very long.

Enough about titanfall lets us move on to Titanfall 2 just like Respawn Entertainment did. This time around it is not Xbox exclusive and has made its Playstation debut on August 18th of 2016 by releasing a Titanfall 2 tech test (beta). A game of boost jumping, some grappling, constant action and oh wait let me not forget…TITANS. Does that sound familiar to you? Well it is, if you have played Titanfall well then I’m sorry to inform you that you have also played Titanfall 2. Not much has changed besides a bit of grappling and a slightly new game mode really. They did make steps to fix their error by adding in a game mode that is strictly PvP with no AI’s or titans, which was basically a TDM. Another game mode with no AI’s which included titans which was in the form of domination. Lastly a game mode that has titans, AI’s and other players which was in the form of a kill confirmed where you get more points when you “cash in” your kills and enter certain points around the map.


Now to go into specifics. The gameplay is very smooth, graphics are insanely clean, the balance in the audio is great and really allows you to enjoy you’re experience playing the game. The matchmaking is pretty quick and from what I’ve noticed isn’t skill based. There is a decent amount of variation in this game, which open a window for the different types of play styles on a first person shooter. You have your SMG (sub machine gun) in your face constant running gameplay, assault rifle medium paced, LMG (light machine gun) slower paced, shotgun fast paced and i guess you can say sniper rifle gameplay. You’ve got your one pistol and lastly your anti titan killing weapons which serve no purpose in the regular team deathmatch game but plays a part in the other game modes. You also have a regular frag, a flash grenade, a vortex grenade and an electric smoke grenade which is has damage over time in the radius that it is thrown. There are your abilities that are not character specific, which are hovering while aiming, showing enemy deaths on the map, hanging onto a wall while aiming, health regeneration beginning sooner while out of combat, embarking your titan quicker and lastly faster cool down on your character specific abilities. Character specific abilities are 1, A pulsing dagger which reveals enemy through walls in a tight radius, 2 A grapple which can pull you anywhere that you’d like to go, 3 Sending out a clone of yourself & 4 Auto healing yourself which also give you a speed boost for a short period of time and the most recent one they revealed and let us play was one that allowed you to go “invisible” for a short duration.


But… even with all of these great features, I can’t play this game non stop. It isn’t a game that sucks you in and has you hooked. The flaws in the game mechanics are that regardless of what gun you pick or what character you pick or what abilities or what grenade you still find yourself playing the same game. With all the variation mentioned earlier it feels like there is no variation. Run and gun, get a few kills, respawn, rinse and repeat. The TTK (time to kill) in this game is very similar to Call Of Duty: Ghosts, which for those who haven’t played that is pretty much instant. Pretty much every grenade has the potential to kill in one shot so pick whichever one you think is pretty. Yes, even the flash grenade will one shot you. Speaking of one shots lets get into the snipers, there is one that kills in one shot but considering how fast the TTK is in this game don’t even try it, the zoom is way too far for how close the maps are, and how fast paced the game is in general. There is also a slight bit of travel time for the bullets so if you’re attempting to snipe you probably won’t get too many kills considering you get melted at close range (unless you can quick scope) and at long ranges there is travel time and considering how fast the game moves you probably aren’t hitting anyone. As for range well why have bullet delay if there is no damage drop off? Yes you read that correctly there is no bullet damage drop off, which mean the pistol that melts you with 4-5 bullet in your face also melts you with 4-5 bullets across the whole map..I would know, I began to only use the pistol.


Considering that there is no difference in kill speeds at any range then there is no “SMG” or “AR” or “LMG” because no gun really makes a big difference. Pick the gun that shoots and kills the fastest and have a ball. Snipe with your smg or even your pistol, doesn’t matter because it’ll still be the same insane TTK. What that means is the the skill gap in this game is pretty much non existent, a good player can still get killed by a bad player because you die so fast at any range to any gun, you can spawn right behind someone for a free kill and you can throw a random grenade for a free kill. With that going on it means that the skill compression gap in the game is unreal. There were multiple games that i played and went 30-3 and still managed to win by the skin of my teeth. Why? because regardless of if you’re good or bad you’re going to get 10 kills, you’re going to get a titan over time and then you’re gonna go to town. With everyone having a potential to kill at anytime at any range with anything it makes it very hard to enjoy. There is little to no skill required to play this game, not much you have to understand about the game and not much map knowledge needed either, just pick a gun aim and shoot. Or don’t aim because you’re still just as accurate and you move way faster. If you’re one who loves your mini map well this isn’t a game for you. The spawns are never safe, you can spawn and get meleed by someone right next to you regardless of what the map says. There are a lot of things that could’ve been done way better about the game and well the developers only have a few weeks to get them done if they intend on even doing that, as of now, with the tech test being over I do not see myself paying for this game nor do I recommend it to anyone because it will be titanfall all over again, big hype and die out within a month and a half or so when people realize the issues.

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