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IFROGZ Impulse, Summit, & Plugz Wireless Earbuds Review

Let me start by saying when Zagg sent me their Ifrogz and earbuds I’m not sure what I expected. I generally like to try to stay neutral when doing reviews but I’m not a huge fan of ear buds. I don’t like putting them in my ears so usually, if I’m going to do a review on a pair of headphones they are usually some on ear or over ear headphones. After listening and trying these out for about a month now I might be a convert. I was pleasantly surprised by these products and what I got for the price point.

So the three pairs of buds I tried out are the Ifrogz Impulse, Summit and Plugz in ear, wireless headphones. The Plugs Wireless earbuds are the least expensive of the bunch and retails at $29.99. Great headphones for someone who wants good quality but isn’t looking to spend much. The Impulse Wireless earbuds retail for $39.99 and are also great earbuds. The extra features (11mm drivers & best sound of the bunch) are worth the extra ten dollars. Last but not least are the Summit Wireless earbuds which retail for $34.99 and are very comfortable.

Image: Zagg

Image: Zagg

All three pairs have have a lot in common with slight differences. For starters they all have the same light weight “wireless hub” which are surprisingly easy to use. This hub allows you to control the functions of the buds as well as houses the device mic. They have magnetic clips that are really easy to unclip or wrap your cord around which is great. I don’t think if the original purpose was to clip onto my clothes but that is what I do and it seems to be working out. All three headphones are sweat resistant, have noise isolation (not active), have pretty great sound quality (some better then others) for the price and are covered under the bud tip warranty that will replace them for the life of the device.

Now the differences; As great as they all sound these headphones are now all created equal. The Plugz wireless I would say were at the bottom of this list. They sound amazing and compared to the Summit headphones, which were honestly my favorite, they had a bit more bass (the Plugz have 9mm drivers compared to Summit’s 8mm). Only reason I would put these on the bottom was comfort. The Summit wireless have to be some of the most lightweight and comfortable buds I have ever tried. All three pairs sound great but the secure fit wings take these over the top and Im not sure why they don’t all have them. Jamming wingless earbuds in your ears to get them to stay in, is unpleasant. 

Image: Zagg

Image: Zagg

So now the verdict; Although the Summit wireless was my favorite of the three, there is no loser here. The Impulse Earbuds come in at a close second but there is no going wrong for the price. there are earbuds that cost twice as much that aren’t as satisfying. I can see the attention to comfort in the design and its much appreciated. I would put these in the same boat as Jaybirds line of wireless earbuds but for a third of the price. Maybe we’ll see a app soon to enhance the listening experience. There is definitely room for improvement, but I don’t see anyone regretting the investment in any 3 of these earbuds.

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