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Samsung SmartCam HD Plus Review

The home is where the heart is. It’s where we keep all of our priceless possessions and share unforgettable moments. So of course when you ask homeowners what their number one concern is outside of finances, most would say “home security”. Unfortunately, many homeowners feel like they can not afford a security system or were using outdated systems that were pretty inefficient. Study’s show that only 17 percent of the homes in the U.S have home surveillance and that same study shows that 87% of break ins could have been prevented by home security . We have samples and reviewed many wireless cameras to that end and recently we tested Samsung’s Smartcam HD plus.  Samsung’s SmartCam HD Plus is the one of the most discrete and affordable security camera currently on the market.

Wireless cameras are now the standard in home surveillance. With a wireless camera you don’t have to worry about wires being cut or your system being compromised. Setting the camera up was relatively easy (downloading the app, and connecting it via WiFi). One disappointment however is in this age of smart homes and the Smartcam HD Plus cannot interact with your other smart devices. Not sure if this is because Samsung plans to release other proprietary home devices that can only interact with one another or a oversight but we shall see. This camera has a resolution quality of 1080 pixels and a field view of 130 degrees. Many cameras on the market currently have poor image quality and when compared to the SAMSUNG SmartCam HD Plus, SAMSUNG wins hands-down. The quality and detail that you get with this camera is a step up, especially when you start playing around with the lighting. The night-vision quality is unbelievable. The design itself is modern with a black shiny face, black aluminum base that can be detached for more discretion. It doesn’t clash with any room decor so its not obvious, which is a good thing what it comes to surveillance in general.



Now the audio; it has recording capability’s and they were just as impressive as the video. When the cameras motion and/or audio detectors are triggered it sends an alert to the user and begins to record immediately. The camera also supports two way audio communication which makes the system very versatile and I can see a couple of practical applications for that outside of just home security. The three options you have for recording are manual control by the user, continuous recording (with can eat up your memory pretty quickly), and motion/sound triggered recording. Depending on your choice the 16gb sd card included (all images and audio are stored locally) might not be enough. The Smartcam HD Plus supports up to 128gb which you might need depending on your surveillance needs.


The SmartCam HD Plus ,once set up and networked, can be accessed via your smartphone. With the SmartCam App you can access all of your cameras that are set up throughout the house with one click of a button. You can also set specific motion zones. These zones will trigger the camera to start recording if something/someone passes through the area. This is a phenomenal feature especially if you have pets and you do not want to waste recording time on them (or maybe you do). Great thing is it presents options. If any of the motion zones are triggered, you will be notified on your smartphone and survey your home on the Live Stream tab. Now the notifications can get a bit annoying but once you’ve tinkered with your preferences Im sure you can strike a tolerable balance.

If you were looking for a camera to sync with your entire network this might not be for you. If you were looking for an amazing camera, that has almost flawless video and audio recording capability’s, then this would be a good buy. Well worth the price point of $120.

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