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Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review

Here we are yet again with another Call Of Duty game to continue the epic FPS series. In this game we return to the futuristic setting of things; Jet-pack jumping, energy projectile guns and some regular bullet weapons as well. There are new weapons as well as newer versions of old weapons that were hits on previous call of duty such as the UMP45. Without anymore delay lets get right into this game.

In this game there are 3 main components as most call of duties have been. Campaign, multiplayer and zombie survival mode. To me what stands out the most is the zombie mode, this year we are introduced to a brand new zombie mode which at the moment takes place in the 90’s era. There are slight changes with the dog rounds which are now exploding clowns, and even the panzer (from black ops 3) looks different as it’s a huge man with a tiny head who shoots a laser beam. In this zombie map there are portals which teleport you back to the middle of the map, when all 4 portals have been used you can then enter through the portal in the middle and proceed to pack a punch your weapons. In this zombie mode you can only pack a punch a weapon once unlike black ops 3 where you could pack a punch multiple times and get different effects. They have however brought back the “atm” from black ops 2 where you deposit your money and can pick it up later that game or in a whole different game. There are mini games that you can play around the map and in an arcade where you get tickets that can be redeemed for items at vendors, as well as when you die you can play video games to self revive. It is a very interesting and fun game mode which I’m sure everyone will like.


Now on to the multiplayer, the part of the game that attracts the most attention. Lets start off with the weapons, there is a lot of creativity that went into the weapons but I feel as though its pointless. There is a sub that can switch to an AR, and AR that can switch to dual subs or is you get the epic version of the weapon that AR can switch into dual shotguns. Although this is creative it defeats the purpose for running with a shotgun, or using only a sub or only an AR. It makes perks like overkill obsolete. With things like that it feels like its just a one trick game. Aside from that, the game also has a pretty bad hit detection. Because of this you will lose half of the gunfights you clearly should have won. This game has brought back weapon variants from Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare ( which wasn’t a big hit then and still isn’t ) which are acquired randomly through drops. The reason these aren’t a big hit is it gives people the upper hand in the game and its completely random, they aren’t acquired by skill or time played. The multiplayer just isn’t consistent enough in most aspects.


Last but not least we have the campaign. The campaign is much like any other campaign, decent story with good cut scenes. The missions aren’t really hard to beat and challenging mode is as always… ridiculous. This game brings the series even further away from strategic FPS and closer to complete run and gun FPS. Just non stop fast paced moving and shooting. So if you like the old school Call Of Duty is probably isn’t for you BUT if you enjoy the black ops 3 boost jumping Call Of Duty then I think this will perfectly fit you, the movement is this is very similar to Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 as well as the specialists. Good Luck out there.

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