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Jabra Sport Pace Review

My relationship with Jabra stretches as far back as my first Bluetooth headset in college. Over the years I have used many Jabra products and like that first Bluetooth  they do not disappoint. These headphones sacrifice nothing in audio quality for its lower price point. They are a bit reminiscent of another popular company’s earbuds with the over ear hook but thats where the comparison ends. They may not have all the bells and whistles of The Sport Pulse, also from Jabra, but as far as sports headphones go The Sports Pace are A+. 

So when you open the box its a pretty standard set up. You get the spare baggie of bud tips, a micro USB charging cable, the manual and of course the headphones themselves. Right out of the box set up is pretty easy. I figured it out without the manual and while I do have the advantage of using past Jabra devices, I think anyone could figure these out pretty easily. The headphones seem put together fairly well and if you assumed the quality of the materials was somehow compromised for a cheaper sale price you would be wrong. I would say you couldn’t tell the difference between these and the pair that cost 3 times as much. Also it can be paired Jabra’s Sport Life app or other third party apps to elevate an already great user experience.

Jabra Sport Life App

Jabra Sport Life App

Wearing these for your workout is a breeze because these are pretty comfortable. I have mentioned in the past how much I have hated jamming earbuds in my ears, and for these I didn’t have to. They feel pretty secure once on and there is never a need to constantly adjust them during a workout. The cord is the perfect length and reflective for visibility during early morning runs. They are sweat and particle resistant. The inline remote is located on the users right side and has pretty customary control features and of course Siri & Google Now compatible. 

Image: Jabra

Image: Jabra

Instead of the built in sensors you got with the Pulse or Coach models but it is able to track your workout via your phones built in gps. I love the audio on these headphones. I do wish they would be a tad bit louder but the volume is sufficient. The audio fidelity is great. You defiantly get what you pay for with these headphones. The battery life is adequate. I have seen longer lasting batteries but these should most defiantly get you through the day. I forgot I was wearing them after a hour or two and were great to work out in. I would hold these up to comparable headphones for twice the price. Great highs and even better lows make these a good buy for audiophiles and workout enthusiasts alike.

Image: Jabra

Image: Jabra

So the verdict is go ahead and pick them up. You can do far worse for a lot more. I would also recommend looking into the Sports Pulse and Coach models; they do not disappoint. I prefer these over the the competitor Powerbeats 2 because of the audio range and the attention to detail by Jabra. Great sound and even better comfort make these a good buy. They currently retail for $99. 



  1. Avatar

    Jared Allan

    January 16, 2017 at 2:54 pm

    You can get models just as good as these at Staples or online for $20.
    You can also get entirely wireless earbuds with raving reviews on Amazon for $70.
    Jabra products are overpriced.

  2. Avatar


    August 1, 2018 at 12:34 am

    I am really disappointed with them. I have bought 3 of this product and the battery does not work more than 2 hours and in less than 1 year, the headphone doesn’t work anymore. I am waiting for an answer from Jabra.

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