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Jabra Halo Smart

Image: Jabra

With so many Bluetooth headsets out on the market now, it’s extremely difficult to sort through them all and find one that works in every aspect of your life. There are some that are great for an active lifestyle but the aesthetically doesn’t work a suit. On the other hand, your everyday headsets that are geared more toward the professional, most of the time are too bulky or aren’t loud enough to play music and zone out.

Jabra has taken everything that was I disliked about my other Bluetooth headsets and developed their solution. You may recall Jabra From your first Bluetooth headset way back when; Yes that Jabra. The Halo Smart is a super lightweight, Bluetooth headset that conveniently sits around your neck that fits into which ever part of your life your in at the moment. I’ve seen other models like this from other brands, but they were way too bulky and unappealing. The markets been flooded with cheap substitutes but from the time you open the box of the Halo Smart its pretty obvious this is the furthest from that. It looks and feels really high end.  Halo Smart is slim and holds snug around your neck with its bendable neck piece while at the same time remaining almost weightless.

Image: Jabra

Image: Jabra

With any headset or headphone the sound is the most important aspect of the device; the sound quality in Halo Smart is extremely clear. Excellent for when you’re out walking in the busy streets of New York or in the crowded gym. The buds remain snug in your ear whether you are jogging or running to make your train. It almost seems as if it were designed for life in the city. The microphone is wind resistant, which I think is essential nowadays. Simply, because I hate being on the receiving end of someone trying to have a conversation with me inside of a wind tunnel. You can access Siri or Google Now with one touch of a button which is handy when you cant look down at your phone.

One cool feature that isn’t exactly new, but I still appreciate was the magnetic earbuds. When you’re not using the buds, simply have them come in contact with each other now they are stuck together and out of the way. It’s also the coolest way hang up a call. The great thing I found about this feature is that they actually stay together even while moving around. I kept my Halo Smart on and earbuds contacting the neck piece and the buds didn’t fall once. I actually forgot that I had the unit on because it’s so lightweight.


The battery holds up to a staggering 17hrs of power. I didn’t believe it at first but I tested it out at full charge and it lasted a little less than that, but it was only off by a few minutes. You would think that the  Jabra Halo Smart would run you about upwards of $100 and they would be worth it. However, these awesome Bluetooth headsets you can get at any major retailer or for only $79.99. Amazing price point for all that you’re getting.

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