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Fords Releases Auto Delivery Concept

First it was Amazon, then followed UPS, and now Ford in getting into the game. The promises of auto delivery by drone seemed like a exciting concept and a great use of the technology if they found a way to make it viable. The vehicle itself, announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, would be electric and autonomous. On-board drones would be utilized to deliver supplies and packages to near by homes. “While the scene shown today is not yet possible, ‘Autolivery’ suggests how our ongoing mobility research could enrich our lives in a more sustainable ‘City of Tomorrow’,” said Ken Washington, vice president, Research and Advanced Engineering, Ford Motor Company. “We are challenging ourselves to understand how people live, work and move in urban areas, to inform our research in mobility technologies and solutions.” Not sure how the drone system would work in every market but im excited to see how they figure it out. They Are hoping to have a fully self driving vehicle  on the road by the year 2021.

Check Out The Video Below

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