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Horizon Zero Dawn Review

Do you like Dinosaurs? Robots? Vast Open Worlds? Then say hello to Horizon Zero Dawn. This Playstation exclusive is brought to us by the minds behind the famous Killzone franchise. Horizon, Sony’s biggest IP launch for the PlayStation 4 since “Uncharted 4,” is a third-person open world RPG set in a post-apocalyptic Earth. How did the Earth get like this, why has humanity reverted to tribal ways? These are the questions Horizon has us asking as we play. This is my review of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon has you playing as Aloy, a young girl branded as an outcast by her tribe, The Nora. As Aloy, you venture around the open world training to partake in the ritual known as the Proving and searching for answers about her mother.  On your journey, you come across many different characters who offer you side quests as well as dialogue that delves into how people are affected by the worlds new environment.  The game should take you about 40-50 hours to complete which may not seem like a lot, but there are tons of things to in the form of side quests, collectibles and just exploring the beautiful world.

The combat in the game is pretty simple and straightforward; it has a few flaws but not many.  You start off with a spear and a bow, but as you play you unlock different kinds of arrows, bows and traps to take down your robotic foes. However, don’t take these foes lightly as most tend to be in packs and you can find yourself in a sticky situation if you’re not careful. Horizon also features 3 skill trees which suits you play style, you can focus on stealth, combat or your ability to survive. You also have a variety of outfits that not only give Aloy a different look put also provide different bonuses .

Now the biggest feature of Horizon is the Focus. This piece of technology helps Aloy in a variety of different ways both story wise and game play wise. The Focus allows the player to track and mark enemies,  points out enemies weaknesses and weak points and allows you to override enemies to assist you in different ways. The Focus also doubles as a scanner as  it highlights collectibles, resources  and hostile enemies.

Horizon is a great example of what the true potential of the PS4 and a perfect example of the evolution of gaming. This is a must buy for anyone who loves Open World RPGs or just looking for fun enjoyable single player experience.  Hopefully in the coming months we will receive more content via updates or DLC. Good luck out there braves, and enjoy the masterpiece that is Horizon Zero Dawn.


Rating: 4.5/5

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