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HyperX Cloud Stinger Review

So when it comes to tech its often assumed that higher cost translates to better quality. The Cloud Stinger by HyperX is a great example of how that isn’t always the case. Not only will it go easy on your pockets (Currently retails for $49.99) but it is actually a really great headset period. It is labeled as a entry level but, as a seasoned gamer I think that this headset is great regardless of past experience. The Cloud Stinger is arguably the best headset for the price.Even though we used The Stinger with our Xbox One its is compatible with Playstation 4, Mobile And even the Nintendo Switch. Included in the box is an adapter for PC use.

So first things first, out of the box you get a headset that looks basic, but feels amazing. The Stinger has a nice textured black matte finish, signature HyperX foam in both the ear cups and the top of the headset frame, faux-leather, a swiveling mic & a 3.5mm connector at the end of a 4-foot cable. By no means does this feel like a cheap headset. There is no apparent dip in quality for the price.Nothing about these headphones says “low-end”. They are pretty light despite how they look (they weigh 275g) and it took very little time for my to forget they were even on. I played with these for a good week and not only have it not felt any discomfort, none of the dreaded swamp ear. I like the volume control under the right ear cup (not the most convenient location during game play) but I think I might rather it somewhere closer to my hands. As far as the mic, I really like the swivel feature that turns the mic off when its in the upwards position. I would love them to be detachable but thats just me.

As far as durability we didn’t expect much from these. We often do a great deal of damage reviewing devices, especially headphones and headsets but these did surprisingly well. We beat up on the for a good week; more wear and tear then the average user would do in a year and they kept on working. One of the most common ways to damage a headset is in pulling at the side to rip them off your head (we often do it in frustration). The Stinger is pretty flexible so no worry’s about cracks in the headband regardless of removal; Not sure it it was on purpose but its a great feature. Next, we dropped the headset a bunch of times, and did some light spraying in its vicinity, and still it still kept working. So as from as how much it can tolerate in the way of damage & I think anyone would be satisfied with how tantrum proof they are.

Last but most important is the audio. Nothing I said up to this point matters if the sound quality disappoints and I’m happy to say it does not. Now keep in mind these headphones, are HyperX’s “budget” model so the audio does get alot better. That being said the audios amazing for the price and considering most people might not have a second more expensive headset to compare it with, the differences most likely go unnoticed. The headset doesn’t have a ton of bass, and sometimes I wish they packed more of a punch but that is me comparing me to headsets that cost four times as much. The highs don’t go as high and the lows aren’t as low but these are the observations of a audio nerd. Your average player wont notice most of these points and if perfect audio is what you want id look at some of HyperX’s other headsets. Take away all that you have a pretty satisfying audio experience. I would give the audio a solid B. This isn’t a great headset for $50; This is a great headset period.

The verdict is I would buy these. I use them pretty regularly and The Cloud Stinger is more then the sum of its parts. These are great if you have a tight budget or want to buy multiple headsets. HyperX managed to get a high-end headset in a budget package.


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