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Lucidsound LS20 Headset Review

Lucidsound’s LS20 headset claims to be a “Universal Headset”. So we set out to review it as both a gaming headset and as an everyday pair of headphones. That’s usually the best way to go for gamers who don’t have much in the way of disposable income to buy both. You’re able to use the headset with the PS4,  Xbox One, PC, and your various mobile devices as long as the device has a 3.5mm jack.  Included in the box you get a boom mic, a micro usb cable, and a 3.5mm jack cable. The Lucidsound LS20 doesn’t look like your average gamer headset.

The headset feels high end. The LS20 looks like a very premium product for a not so premium price. They are made of a very rugged aluminum along with the very nice leather stitching in the headband. The aluminum raises some concerns about being comfortable for long gaming sessions but actually they are pretty comfortable. You can wear them for an extended period of time with very little discomfort. They can be a tad bit tight but I wear glasses so your experience might be difference. The ear cups, are pretty padded and feel great.

The functionality of the headset is phenomenal.The left ear-cup has the volume wheel control, accompanied with  play/pause/skip functionality. The right/left are also marked on the headset. There are 3 different modes that come already installed, Blue is for PS4 mode, Red is  for mobile/pc mode, and Purple for Xbox One. The bass boost or the EQ mode can only be used in PS4 mode,  although the standard is not shy on the bass anyway. The headset gives you the option to be able to be used with the boom mic while gaming, and it has a built in microphone in the headset for receiving calls. As far as audio is concerned these are great. As I mentioned before they have a decent amount of bass even without the boost feature, and the EQ adjustments. Using them as a regular pair of headphones, it still holds up well.

As far as the Lucidsound LS20’s I would absolutely recommend these as a gaming headset & headphones respectively. Especially for about $50; It is an amazing deal for a headset that can both game, and be an all around headphone with a great compact form factor.

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