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Syberia 3 Review

The PC release of Syberia 3 is one to be hailed as a great release to a fledgling entry into the now sparse genre of adventure games, but this fanfare is highlighted by a few bugs and glitches that hamper the overall experience. While it is not something to dissuade you from purchasing the game (as usual, official and fan patches are sure to follow), it is something to consider when the console versions are options. Nevertheless, Syberia 3 is a fun, enjoyable and somber entry into the drama and spirituality based adventure title that is well worth your time, especially if you are a fan of the series and experienced the incredible setting and narrative of the former two titles

As this was a console release, the controls have been optimized for a gamepad as opposed to the series previous KB/M setup. While this allows players new to the series to control the game in a manner they are used to and is more commonplace in today’s market (games such as these are considered “difficult” by the standard), those who are familiar with the first two games will find this limiting. The feeling of exploration is not making a smooth transition to fixed inspection points makes the game feel more linear, with less flexibility in considering all of your surroundings. Though accessible, it is not endearing.

As evidenced by the user reviews on the games Steam page, many players including myself have noticed that the game has not made focusing on character likeness a priority, and same with the story. As with other games in this genre that are either rushed or lacking the proper funding, the voice acting has taken a considerable downgrade in quality. Since it has been years since the previous Syberia title, it is slightly disappointing to see the games verbal narrative hampered by this lack of detail. This is also present in the lip syncing and the character animations.

Though the story is leagues ahead of what is commonly found in games using settings such as these in the present day, do not expect the deeply conveyed narrative that was present in Syberia 1 and 2. The story is passable at best but does little to engage the player and motivate them to complete it. In games such as these, where the gameplay elements are rudimentary by nature and are driven solely by the players desire to move ahead with the progression, the lack of cohesion and gripping characters manages to make the game teeter between and engrossing experience and a bit of a chore to solve puzzles in hopes that the story will pick up.


I want to recommend this as a huge fan of the Syberia series, but the games current state does not warrant a purchase at full price. Though the developer’s heart was definitely in the development of this game, it seems to be the inverse with its release. Though it is understandable if the developer was working on a limited budget (play Two Worlds II and you’ll understand) and on a timetable that could not allocate what they wanted to do, it shows the glaring flaws and missed opportunities that keep the player from enjoying it as it intended to. Wait till it goes on sale, or until a community patch fixes off the rough edges.


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