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Cloud Revolver S Review

The last time we did review for a HyperX product I believe it was the Cloud Stinger. The Clouds Stinger is their “budget” headset but there is nothing cheap about them. You got a lot of bang for your buck so don’t let the word budget turn away from a pretty awesome product. That being said you do have a range of gamers who prefer a higher end headset or consider themselves audiophiles, so they might they want more in-depth audio experience. For those gamers, I would definitely recommend the Cloud Revolver S Headset. For those familiar with last year’s Cloud Revolver headset, yes the Cloud Revolver S is a massive improvement.

Well, with most headsets you have to choose a really great audio experience or a really comfortable headset. HyperX time & time again proven that both are priorities and they’ve managed to get both into a single pair of headset. i’m not exactly in love with every feature but this is definitely a solid headset for amateur and hard-core gamers alike. I’ll start with the design; it’s a very standout design that doubt would ever be confused for standard headphones even with the detachable mic. Speaking of which, my one complaint with the Cloud Stinger was the fact that it did not have a detachable mic, but that’s what you have here. The only design complaint I have is the audio control box. The audio control box allows you to mute, engage Dolby surround or regulate the mic but is placed in a awkward spot on the cord and can get in the way sometimes while you’re playing until you manage to get it under control; then it’s not really that big of a deal. As far as how comfortable they are, the ear cups are very soft. Even with glasses I never felt uncomfortable, even with extended play. The headsets steel frame may be a feel heavy in your hands but once on your head you don’t really feel it all that much. It sits pretty comfortably on my head and I didn’t have to do any adjusting once I started playing because of the suspended/self-adjusting band.

Now what you might be more concerned with more than anything are the specifications. Makes sense right? Whats point is it if they sound terrible? I personally might not be as concerned with comfort as I am with how they sound and my overall gaming experience. Well the Cloud Revolver S does not disappoint; each ear cup has an over ever design and sports two 50mm drivers which drowns out everything but the game. The audio quality is top notch and when coupled with the bass boost & the Dolby 7.1 surround sound its takes your gaming experience up a few notches. Your overall surround sound experience will depend on the game you’re playing but pair it with the right game and you will be in audio heaven. The mic has a noise canceling feature so it filters out most of the background noise in your room and focuses on your voice for overall better communication experience while playing multiplayer. The Cloud Revolver S is compatible with all consoles (Xbox One owners might need an adapter) and it does have a USB sound-card as well for the PC gamers. Overall, this is a great headset. The audio is very balanced and and they are very wearable as well. They retail currently for $149.99 and I think its a pretty good price point considering what they offer and their competitors. If you are in the market for a great headset and you’re willing to shell out a little bit extra for the quality then these might be the headset for you.

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