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CUJO Smart Firewall Review

Meet CUJO – a friendly companion that protects your home from unwanted visitors! Hackers that is! CUJO is a smart internet firewall that protects your home network and devices connects to your home network and devices to protect from anyone who isn’t you. Originally a Indiegogo project, this unique device is a simple plug and play with built-in setup instructions to get your network protection companion up and running quickly. In this tech age, two or more networked devices are becoming the standard for every household . Also with many people are cutting the cable and just purchasing internet services, streaming tons of content between devices, etc. an extra layer of security in your home network couldn’t hurt.

CUJO smart firewall packs business-level cloud based security into a compact device to protect all devices on your home network from hackers, malware, cyber threats, and any other unwanted cyber visitors. Through the mobile app, you control and monitor the activity on your network straight from your phone to keep your network safe and running smoothly. Currently available on Apple and Android capable smartphones, the CUJO app is a quick and easy download that coupled with everything that comes in the box, provides for a quick and pretty seamless setup. In recent months, more upgrades to the software have been made available, creating an even more fluid user experience. Besides connecting to your wireless router, setup is done completely through the app with a global support team only a phone call away.

Setup is easy enough and the device itself is actually pretty appealing visually. Now depending on how well you understand your networking configuration, there are several set up options but plug and play is definitely on of them. Once plugged in there is no need to configure anything as the app pretty much walks you through and the device immediately gets to work. You can check your app at anytime to monitor your network and even view threats and hacking attempts over the past month. The device blocks most malicious websites and does a great job at it. While we did notice a slight slowing of upload speeds, downloads were mostly unaffected and its a small price to pay for this kind of security.

Once setup is complete, your CUJO will display one of three “eyes” to let you know what’s happening on your network: Device in Attack Mode, Device Online and Device Offline. Capable of protecting over 50 devices simultaneously and majority of home networks on the market, CUJO notifies you via the app when an unwanted visitor has compromised your network and it’s been blocked.  Like I mentioned, you can view recent activity,devices on your network & critical threats completely through the app. Recently, CUJO added a feature that gives you access to assign restrictions to devices on your network, especially those belonging to kids, much like the Circle device we reviewed a while back from Disney. Allowing you complete control of internet access and browsing content monitoring to ensure your young ones are protected could be an other reason to pick one of these up.

CUJO is available on the company website, or Amazon for a few different price points. Purchasing through the website offers three options for payment starting at $99 for the device and $8.99 a month subscription.  Who knows what the future holds in the age of smart devices, and as we’ve only begun to scratch a small part of the surface of a smart and networked home security will be a growing concern. With growth and advancement in mind, we have to make sure that we’re staying as safe as possible as we peruse the infinite highways of the internet and CUJO could be that solution for you.

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