JLab Flex Over-Ear Studio Headphone Review

One of my favorite, if not my favorite pair of headphones, the Flex Bluetooth Headphones are everything you want in a pair of wireless headphones. The design is original but obvious; I’m surprised I haven’t come across ear shaped ear-cups sooner. They make for not only a smart but a really comfortable design. Being My go-to travel travel headphones, I have not only spent hours with them on, but i have even fallen asleep with them on with no discomfort. As far as the audio is concerned they continue to deliver especially with the noise canceling feature. I would put these headphones up against many headphones twice the price (currently retails for 149.99 at Jlabaudio.com) and that is coming from a guy who reviews many headphones & headsets. Check out our full video review below:

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Reg Calixte
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