JAM Rhythm WIFI Home Speaker Review

What can I say about this speaker other than that it is amazing. It is probably one of the coolest and hassle free speakers I have used in a while. Once I unpacked it, the setup was a breeze. Just plug it into a power source and voila it’s all set and ready to use.

The sound that speaker provides right out of the box, is extraordinary. If, however you want to change any of the levels on the speaker, simply download the JAM app and you can control all of the speakers settings straight from your phone. For its size it has a great low end, but I personally would change the mid levels just a little.

One of the features that I loved was the fact that it is connected via WIFI rather than Bluetooth. It allowed me to move from room to room, and outside without losing connection. Since they are connected via WIFI rather than Bluetooth it also allows you to have multiple speakers connected to each other and set up around your home, calling for the ultimate house party.

With its price point at $99 you absolutely cannot go wrong with getting one. It sounds great, the look is clean and fits with just about any aesthetic, and lightweight without sacrificing quality. I definitely want to get five more, gift two of them and put the other three all around my apartment for a surround sound feel. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a nice, quality gift for the holidays.

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Anthony Woolford
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