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CES 2018 – Samsung Announcement: The Wall

This is a new TV that Samsung has proudly announced for release at the Consumers Electronic Show in Las Vegas. CES 2018 was the home of the future that has introduced us to new gadgets, new products, and new technology that are just straight up next level. One of the biggest products that stood out at the event this year – and in fact won a CES Award for Best In Show- was Samsung’s “The Wall”.  We’ve posted about this announcement on Instagram (@calixtechnews) while we were at CES but when we first heard the unveiling of this glorious new flat screen, we were really excited to learn more about it.

The Wall, according to Samsung, is the first ever modular TV that you can customize an adjust to fit in whichever environment you are in. This adjustable 4k HDR TV is equipped with “microLED” display with no “burn-in” which is big for the generation of OLED displays because most OLED screens with micro LED display have a history of these types of setbacks. All compact with a gigantic diagonal size of 146 inches.  Basically, it is like having one of those big screens you see in the movie theaters in your home and mounted on your wall. More details on this new monster television will be announced later in March, including price and availability, but it’s gonna hard to miss this new amazement in home entertainment. A TV this large and high-tech would be expected to be a mega-luxury product but the possibility for this TV being more commercial is always in existence. For more updates don’t forget to check back at here on the blog!

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