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The CES 2018 Gaming Highlights

The Consumer Electronics Show 2018 or CES for short is an annual convention that ran from January 9 to January 12 in Las Vegas. Here, different companies present new and innovative forms of technology. Today, I will be giving a run down on some interesting gaming products displayed this year and provide you with links to the company and products. You can visit CES’s website for more details at .



NVIDIA starts the year off big by presenting a new PC gaming monitor classified as Big Format Gaming Displays or BFGD that are 65” inch PC monitors that allow the gaming experience to be as immersive as possible for the gamer. The displays have a 4k resolution and 3440×1400 G-SYNC HDR displays with fast response times, PC optimized HDR with 1000 nit peak brightness, full array backlights, Quantum Dot Enhancement Films, and DCI-P3 cinema-quality color gamuts. Now, we can live our dreams of playing our favorite PC games on (what feels like) a large flat screen TV. No price has been announced for these monitors but can be expected to be in the thousands. Learn more here:

NVIDIA also announced a new gaming laptop called the MAX-Q. The MAX-Q sports a sleeker thin (18mm) design, and has four times the performance of a MAC Book Pro. NVIDIA wanted to stray away from classic gaming laptops that are typically big and bulky with the MAX-Q. Their previous GEFORCE GTX 10 series models were 51mm, 10 lbs., 1x perf, and GTX 880DM. In contrast, the MAX-Q is 18mm, 5 lbs., 33x perf, GTX 1080. Quite the noticeable upgrade in all domains. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-performance gaming laptop without the bulk, the MAX-Q is a great option to consider. The Learn more here:



HTC presented the VIVE Pro, an upgraded version of the VIVE with a 78% increase in resolution and a new screen for improved visuals. It also includes an improved headband and hi-res (removable) headphones, in case you are meticulous with your choice of audio. In comparison with the original VIVE, the VIVE Pro has a 37% PPI increase 2880 x 1600 and a 78% pixel increase. The new face design makes it so that less light is able to sneak into your eyepiece. Overall, the VIVE Pro was designed to feel better on the player’s head, and make it so that they are both comfortable and fully immersed in their game. HTC also announced a wireless adaptor for the both the VIVE and the VIVE pro. This is said to be the first truly wireless full-scale VR experience out there, allowing players to move in a complete 360 degrees without being stuck on annoying wires. The VIVE Wireless Adaptor transmits audio and data at over 60 GHz and sports a lithium-ion battery for a longer gameplay. Learn More Here:



RAZER announced a prototype laptop designed for the recently released RAZER phone dubbed Project Linda. This 13.3’ laptop with 200 GB of internal storage allows users to insert their measly 5.7” phone into a space where a trackpad would be and then turns it into a gaming laptop. Once inserted, the phone extends into a full sized gaming laptop, allowing you to enjoy multiple apps in a larger fashion with a beautifully colored backlit keyboard. The phone works the entire systems and doubles as the laptop’s main trackpad. The built-in power bank allows you to charge your phone while it is docked as a trackpad. Unfortunately, it is limited to Android OS and Android apps, so you cannot expect to play your typical PC games here. A lot of work still needs to be put into this device and the creators are not even sure if it will make it to the market. Nevertheless, it is still quite an interesting concept for a laptop.  Learn More Here:

RAZER has also announced a new wireless mouse called the RAZER Mamba Hyperflux that is “charged” through their Firefly Hyperflux mouse mat. The Mamba Hyperflux is equipped with a 16,000 DPI 5G optical sensor and RAZER’s Adaptive Frequency Technology which allows for high signal stability. While wireless mice are not that new, this is set apart by the fact that the mouse has no battery. The Mamba Hyperflux essentially works indefinitely while on the Firefly Hyperflux mouse mat, which creates a magnetic field that allows power to be transferred straight to the mouse. Since the mouse has no need for a battery, it is very light in weight, but will only work while it’s used on the mouse mat. You can expect to get your hands on this in the first quart of 2018. Learn More Here:



Retro gamers rejoice! The company Hyperkin has announced their upgraded version of the classic Game Boy named “Ultra Game Boy”. This is a hardware replicant of the original Game Boy with a backlit screen, rechargeable batteries that utilize a USB port and is capable of supporting all original Game Boy games, as long as you held on to those game cartridges. It plays just as well as the original Game Boy, but with a heavier feel and a blue tinted screen due to the backlight, but can be adjusted with a dial on the right-hand side. With so many additional features, Hyperkin states that the final design may change between now and their release date, hopefully not effecting the feeling of nostalgia so many of us may be striving for. You can expect relive a piece of your childhood once more in late summer 2018 for under $100.


The Tesla Suit or T-Suit is a feedback suit that is used for VR gaming. Features include haptic feedback system (allowing for a more increased tense of touch men manipulating virtual objects), motion capture and positioning system, climate control, multi-player capabilities, and is washable. It replicates real-world senses and thus making the VR experience all the more realistic (for better or for worse). So now, you can feel the warmth of the sun while trekking through the desert, or the bite of the cold when you are moving up a treacherous mountaintop. The T-Suit can simulate difference senses such as touching and climate conditions. You can further personalize the system by creating your very own avatar since the T-Suit can fully mimic its user’s body movements. There is no release date for the Tesla Suit, yet, but people can sign up for the waitlist. Learn More here:



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